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Help:Puppet - Wikitech
«This document helps people understand what Puppet is, how it is used in Wikimedia Cloud VPS, and provides help on how to use it to do various common tasks.»
wikimedia  for-wikimedia  puppet  wikimedia-cloud  hiera  yaml  configuration  devops  systems  cloud 
june 2019 by brennen
A GUI tool to manage your Puppet/Hiera for you
work  puppet  hiera 
february 2019 by egoexpress
Puppet Tip of the Week 73: Migrate from Hiera v3 to Hiera v5
Hiera is the Puppet implementation of separating code from data.
puppet  hiera  from instapaper
may 2018 by egoexpress
Setting Up iptables Firewall on Linux with Puppet & Hiera
puppet-firewall module
default rules to setup and specific
iptables  hiera  puppet  howto 
march 2018 by bwiese

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