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A new (and easy) way to hide content accessibly
Possibly the best way to hide content accessibly. The CSS is easy to write and understand!
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june 2019 by liquidx
Inclusively Hidden | scottohara.me
There are various ways to hide content in web interfaces, but are you aware of the different effects they have on the accessibility of that content? While some might think it’s strange to have multipl...
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april 2019 by liquidx
See No Evil: Hidden Content and Accessibility - Cloud Four
article about hiding content in different contexts, with accessibility and screen readers in mind
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march 2019 by piperh
GitHub - noctune/skjul: Hide data in plaintext
Hide data in plaintext. Contribute to noctune/skjul development by creating an account on GitHub.
steganography  text  container  plaintext  data  hiding  opensource  floss 
march 2019 by gilberto5757
Google+ Folds After Hiding Data Leak That Affected 500,000 Accounts
In a blog post, Google Fellow and Vice President of Engineering Ben Smith announced the “sunsetting” (termination) of the Google+ networking service, citing “significant challenges” meeting consumer expectations. This announcement comes alongside Project Strobe, which addresses security improvements over the range of G Suite services. As part of the Project Strobe audit of Google+, the...

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Google+  Folds  After  Hiding  Data  Leak  That  Affected  500  000  Accounts 
october 2018 by vrzone

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