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19 hours ago by amann
The Faces Have Changed … How Regime Control Changed Deir ez-Zor and its Residents - Ain al-Madinah, May 30,2018
In secret and in the open, people only have one issue, which is to survive and to improve the conditions of this survival under the regime with firm and final acceptance. There is no love in it, as Abdullah explains, but they are conscious of what they believe to be futility in confronting it.

Today, people in Deir-ez-Zor are divided into two classes.The first is the majority who have submitted to everything that has happened without expressing any degree of resentment, except within the permitted boundaries which puts blame on corrupt local people who are “delaying life returning to as it was before the revolution” as they say in one of their discussions revolving around the issues of inflation and the absence of public services.

The second class includes those connected to the security branches, militias, the war brokers and traders. The protection and privileges that they enjoy have made them bolder in defending the regime and in justifying the most heinous crimes it has carried out — even in cases in which their friends, relatives and perhaps even siblings have been victims.
DeirEzZor  Hidden  fear  Mar15  authoritarian_regime 
5 days ago by elizrael
Introducing DNS Resolver for Tor
Hrm, interesting, but that then could tie two circuits together for correlation...
cloudflare  Tor  DNS  endpoint  hidden  service  internet  infrastructure  server 
14 days ago by asteroza
liftoff/pyminifier: Pyminifier is a Python code minifier, obfuscator, and compressor.
GitHub is where people build software. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 85 million projects.
python  obfuscator  compressor  code  hidden  library  via:blogpost 
14 days ago by Spark
Know your ARIA: 'Hidden' vs 'None' by @scottohara.me
author says: A primer on appropriately using aria-hidden='true' and role='none/presentation'. They each do very different things to elements, but their purposes are sometimes confused by developers.
webdesign  web  design  accessibility  aria  css  hidden  html  via:piperh 
19 days ago by imgiseverything
Know your ARIA: 'Hidden' vs 'None' | scottohara.me
author says: A primer on appropriately using aria-hidden='true' and role='none/presentation'. They each do very different things to elements, but their purposes are sometimes confused by developers.
webdesign  web  design  accessibility  aria  css  hidden  html 
19 days ago by piperh
Hide/Ignore files (git update-index --assume-unchange)
# Ignore (hide) a file
git update-index --assume-unchanged <file>

# Do NOT Ignore (unhide) a file
git update-index --no-assume-unchanged <file>

# Do NOT Ignore (unhide) all hidden files
git update-index --really-refresh

# List all hidden files
git ls-files -v | grep '^[a-z]' | cut -c3-
git  index  ignore  file  assume  unchange  change  hide  unhide  hidden  list  directory  folder 
26 days ago by ebouchut
Turkish Hands Redraw the Economic Map of Aleppo's Countryside - Enab Baladi, Jan 19, 2018
Interestingly, residents in the area prefer Turkish authorities take over the administration of the region, whether in terms of security, economy or reconstruction, according to a poll in the region, according to Jazmati.
hidden  Turkey  Aleppo  Mar15  localGovt  BufferZone 
26 days ago by elizrael
'It's time to live a normal life,' says resident choosing to remain in East Ghouta as government regains control - Syria Direct, april 3, 2018
Right now, I am afraid that the regime will hold accountable all those who stood against it, even if only through words. I am scared that my sisters might curse or say something against Bashar al-Assad, or that they might sing a revolutionary song and be arrested. I fear they could slip up, and that it could cost them their lives.

You can see fear in the eyes of the people who stayed. People must now painstakingly think over every word they utter. We were living freely, and now we are returning to [Assad’s] regime to chant his name and glorify him.

We curse the regime in our hearts, but in front of the regime’s forces we chant praises for our strong and victorious ruler.
doublethink  Mar15  fear  Damascus  Reconciliation  hidden 
26 days ago by elizrael
Reconciliaton in Deraa: Interview with the Mukhtar of al-Karak al-Sharqi :: Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi, May 27, 2018
Q: Do you expect that most of the people of the locality of al-Karak al-Sharqi are with the idea of reconciliation?

A: Not most of them, but rather 99% are in favour of an end to the war with the presence of security and the end of the armed chaos with reconciliation. But all are afraid of the factions. If someone thinks of doing reconciliation- even just a thought- they liquidate him- i.e. they kill him.
Reconciliation  Mar15  Daraa  Judiciary  hidden 
26 days ago by elizrael

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