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Hezbollah's Favourite ATGM
As can clearly be seen, these ATGM originate from Russian deliveries to Syria // yes, the labels are on the boxes:-)
osint  atgw  hezbollah  kornet  russia 
18 days ago by yorksranter
RT : Shocking footage of terrorists burning a vehicle and personnel, forcibly seizing their weapo…
Hezbollah  UNIFIL  from twitter_favs
6 weeks ago by DonQuixote
Ali Kourani, the Hezbollah Sleeper Agent Busted Black Ops in America
Ali Kourani allegedly helped a global terrorist network plot revenge against the U.S. from a home in the Bronx. He was undone after running a stop sign with 190 pairs of Uggs.
hezbollah  usa  fbi  agent 
may 2019 by harcesz
Lebanon election: Hezbollah leader declares 'victory' - BBC News
"More than a million refugees have fled to Lebanon since then, swelling the population by 25% and overwhelming public services."
lebanon  hezbollah  elections 
may 2018 by conner

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