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Female Shooter At YouTube HQ Injures Three, Kills Herself
An active shooting was reported during lunch break at the Youtube headquarters at San Bruno, California, 12:46PM Tuesday Afternoon, according to a San Bruno Police spokesperson. Three victims were conveyed to the nearby Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital: a 36-year-old male in critical condition, a 32-year-old woman in serious condition, and a 27-year-old woman in fair...

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Female  Shooter  At  YouTube  HQ  Injures  Three  Kills  Herself 
april 2018 by vrzone
San Francisco Magazine | Modern Luxury | UPDATED: The Woman Who Smuggled Herself
Inside the endless gate-crashing saga of “serial stowaway” Marilyn Hartman.


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IFTTT  The  Woman  Who  Smuggled  Herself 
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