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RT : are awesome predators that can catch & swallow just about anything. Sorry. Herons coming to .
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Los Angeles Times: Fly-fishing at Alta Ranch in Montana
Alta Ranch is a 150-acre property tucked in the shadow of the Bitterroot Mountains in southwestern Montana. Guests at its four cabins and one log home can try their luck in a stocked, catch-and-release trout pond or on a stretch of the west fork of the Bitterroot River that runs through the ranch. Darby, Mont.; www.alta-ranch.com. Just sit on the deck of your plush, fully stocked cabin and watch the wildlife. A moose noisily ate her breakfast just below our cabin, deer grazed in the meadow beyond the river, and osprey, hawks and herons soared nearby. Eight hummingbirds at a time fighting for a spot at the feeders. The stocked pond also has a canoe, rowboat and paddle boat. And there's a separate game cabin with ping-pong, exercise equipment, Internet access, TV and games. The ranch's accommodations range from the Aspen, the smallest cabin at 600 square feet, to Alta Vista, a 4,000-square-foot log home that can accommodate up to 11. Darby, population less than 1,000, is 30 miles away.
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