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I was expecting a story about how Mr Kirby overcame his addiction and trekked across Antarctica - Antarctic…
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10 days ago by scottmoff
Visiting family, totally gutted to hear about how many kids i knew have OD'd or died from Heroin. Everyone's going through something. Talk to the people you care about.
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4 weeks ago by levleviev
When Lindsay Carrier found out she was pregnant, she was using around 3 times a week. Worried about her bab…
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6 weeks ago by chetan
Death by the sea: how drug abuse is scarring Britain’s coastal towns | Society | The Guardian
Seaside communities have the highest rates of heroin deaths in England – and Barrow-in-Furness is one of the hardest hit ‘brown towns’. What are the causes – and is there a solution?
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7 weeks ago by inspiral
Opioid Addiction Knows No Color, but Its Treatment Does - The New York Times
Dr. Andrew Kolodny, an opioid addiction expert affiliated with Brandeis University, said regulatory burdens on buprenorphine by the government — like the eight-hour certification requirement — has likely discouraged physicians from offering it in their practices.

He added that many doctors who are certified to prescribe buprenorphine choose not to after realizing the complicated task of treating patients with substance abuse problems. Those who do work with the patients often do not accept insurance, he said, in some cases because demand is high and they can make more money charging directly. That means the patients must have enough money to pay out of pocket for the visit.

“Your insurance will pay for the prescription, but you have to pay for the doctor,” he said.

What has emerged is a private and expensive market for buprenorphine treatment.
Mr. Harwood said that low-income patients could conceivably access buprenorphine treatment at methadone clinics, if they are interested. But methadone clinics are often already overwhelmed with methadone logistics and the social service programs they are required to provide; buprenorphine consultations are an additional service. That can produce an information gap in addition to a financial one. Dr. Kolodny also said that, realistically, buprenorphine treatment cuts against the business interests of for-profit methadone clinics, which are becoming more common nationally.
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january 2018 by kme
Liquid Sky 4K restoration!
Tragically underappreciated 80s movie getting a reissue. Stills look amazing
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november 2017 by nelson
How the DEA Changed the Overdose Numbers — Pain News Network
The 2017 National Drug Threat Assessment (NDTA) has both good and bad news about the nation’s worsening overdose crisis. But like other federal agencies, the DEA has a disturbing tendency to massage statistics to make the role of opioid pain medication more significant than it actually is.
“The threat posed by controlled prescription drug (CPD) abuse is prevalent. Every year since 2001, CPDs, specifically opioid analgesics have been linked to the largest number of overdose deaths of any illicit drug class, outpacing those for cocaine and heroin combined,” the report declares.

That sure makes it sound like opioid pain medication is killing more people than ever before, doesn’t it? A closer look at the numbers and methodology used by the DEA suggests otherwise.

"Controlled prescription drugs" is a very broad category that includes not only opioid pain relievers, but anti-anxiety drugs (Valium, Xanax), stimulants (Adderall, Ritalin), and anabolic steroids. And there's plenty of evidence people are dying from those drugs as well.

This is not the first time the DEA has lumped opioid pain relievers with other drugs. In the 2016 NDTA, the DEA combined opioids with anti-anxiety drugs, but not stimulants or steroids.

A year earlier, in the 2015 NDTA, prescription opioids were in a category all to themselves.

The effect of these changing and broadening definitions is significant. Every year the overdose crisis appears to be getting worse and worse. It certainly is for deaths linked to illicit drugs like heroin, cocaine and fentanyl, but not necessarily for prescription drugs and definitely not for opioid pain medication.
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november 2017 by Quercki
Heroin in Cincinnati: This is what an epidemic looks like - Cincinnati Enquirer
The Enquirer sent more than 60 reporters, photographers and videographers into their communities to chronicle an ordinary week in this extraordinary time.
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october 2017 by brendanmcfadden
Tom Petty was a heroin addict in the ’90s. Here’s why he’s finally talking about it. - The Washington Post
When he gets into a rock band, that’s like the second chance to have a family. It’s not just because you need the band to make the music. It’s because he’s trying to succeed at something that his own family failed at, sometimes dramatically. When he gets married, it’s the same thing. He told me the story of a marriage that wasn’t working, but he’s was trying as hard as he could to keep it together. So that guy who is hellbent on keeping things together, because that is who he is, keeps his band together. By virtue of his band staying together and the quality of the musicians, the Heartbreakers are a singular story in popular music.
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october 2017 by craniac

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