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Why is it so hard to quit heroin? It hijacks your brain | KING TV
"It's changing the plasticity of the brain. It's essentially re-wiring the circuits," said Dr. Susan Ferguson, associate professor at the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Washington.
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Nico in Manchester: 'She loved the architecture – and the heroin' | Music | The Guardian
I once asked her why she took heroin. She said: “Well, if I was a drunk, I’d be fat.”
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Overdose prevention in case of the lack of naloxone
Hi, ER Doc here.

Opioids like Heroin and Fentanyl kill because they stop people from breathing.

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: Heroin was first synthesized by C. R. Alder Wright in 1874. Bayer began mass producing it in 1898. The drug…
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Nicky Barnes, ‘Mr. Untouchable’ of Heroin Dealers, Is Dead at 78 - The New York Times
He also denied that he was a murderer; he had only ordered others to kill, he said.
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Heroin on the SF bus
Depressing conversation where everyone agrees if you see someone smoking heroin on the bus in San Francisco, you should probably just ignore it
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february 2019 by nelson

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