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RT : 🇺🇸Telegram sent from former Herbert Hoover to Harry Truman on the day FDR died.
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may 2016 by cbearden
Herbert Hoover: Father of the New Deal / Steven Horwitz (Cato Institute Briefing Paper no. 122, September 29, 2011)
Hoover's big-spending, interventionist policies prolonged the Great Depression, and similar policies today could do similar damage. Dismantling the mythical presentation of Hoover as a "do-nothing" president is crucial if we wish to have a proper understanding of what did and did not work in the Great Depression so that we do not repeat Hoover's mistakes today.
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september 2011 by cbearden
Recession-era baby naming, Part 2 | The Baby Name Wizard
"Last time I talked about (dubious) claims that the recession is turning baby names back toward the traditional, in a parental "flight to quality." Today, I look at the historical precedent: naming during the Great Depression...Applying the standard Baby Name Wizard Hotness Formula, the fastest falling boy's name, by a mile, was...Herbert. That's a clear reaction to the economy, but not in a stylistic way. Parents of the '30s simply decided that Herbert Hoover wasn't a president they'd care to remember. (Let's keep an eye on George in the years ahead.)...Even as James was falling, Jimmy was soaring. This could suggest a twist on the "flight to quality" idea: a "flight to comfort." Perhaps in a scary world, we just want to curl up under a cozy blanket with our dear little babies. It makes some sense. Except those are just the boys' names."
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april 2009 by arosner
Wasting Away in Hooverville
"Shlaes's actual critique of the New Deal is not easy to pin down...Shlaes, a committed supply-sider, scolds Roosevelt for raising taxes on the rich, which discouraged them from taking risks. She fails to explain how the economy managed to recover after the outbreak of World War II, which saw even higher taxes on the rich, or in the postwar period, when they remained high. Moreover, the classic right-wing critique fails to explain how the economy recovered at all. In one of his columns touting Shlaes, George Will observed that "the war, not the New Deal, defeated the Depression." Why, though, did the war defeat the Depression? Because it entailed a massive expansion of government spending. The Republicans who have been endlessly making the anti-stimulus case seem not to realize that, if you believe that the war ended the Depression, then you are a Keynesian."
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march 2009 by arosner
Pauvre GW Hoover (Dedefensa.org)
En deux occasions ces derniers jours des commentateurs américains ont fait une analogie entre les propos récents tenus par Georges W. Bush et ceux tenus par Herbert Hoover, président US, lors de la Grande Dépression (Crise de 1929).
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