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RT : の会場展示。当社所有の金属活字会社のポスターその3。 社の書体シリーズ。特に注目は最もおなじみの金属活字 。是非ご覧ください!他に、
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16 days ago by minoguchi
Gavin R. Putland: A multiplatform Helvetica-like font stack that suppresses Arial
"Arial has a habit of popping up uninvited. Under Windows, the default registry settings replace “Helvetica” with Arial. In every major Windows browser except Opera, the registry substitution takes precedence over the CSS fallback fonts, in which case you are now seeing the word “Helvetica” in Arial, although the style declaration for the word “Helvetica” specifies Microsoft Sans Serif as the fallback."

"Unfortunately the fonts available via Google Fonts do not include a close imitation of Helvetica. They do, however, include a font family called Arimo, which has the following attractions"
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21 days ago by pierredv
[SOLVED] Error message regarding fonts in grace
xfonts and xset made helvetica error messages disappear...
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may 2019 by oog
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april 2019 by minoguchi
“Allowing a modern audience to see Helvetica for the first time”: Charles Nix talks us through the newly released Helvetica Now | It's Nice That
“For people who appreciate Helvetica on a deep level, the why around Helvetica Now is a no-brainer,” says Charles Nix, type director of Monotype and lead designer on the new typeface Helvetica Now. “It was always a question of when.” Released today, the typeface updates the classic Helvetica, first developed in 1957, for today’s users. Long cemented as the “most famous and widely used typeface in all of typographic history”, it has now been over 35 years since Helvetica’s last redesign in 1982. In this time, concerns have been raised regarding its inability to perform well at technological heights.

Over the past few decades, its optical sizing, among other design practicalities, has been called into question by type buffs and graphic designers alike. If you’re wondering what the hell that means, or why anyone even cares, Charles’ insight and passion for typography is capable of convincing even the most cynical of critics. He truly believes the release of Helvetica Now is about “allowing a modern audience to see Helvetica for the first time”.

When it came down to micro-sized Neue Helvetica, counters closed up, bunching up a letter’s anatomy so an “e” appears more like an “o” at point size six or less. Speaking about this, Charles tells It’s Nice That: “I haven’t used Helvetica in any meaningful way since the 90s because of the problem it’s had at smaller point sizes.” Consequently, Helvetica Now sees apertures and counters opened up, an increased x-height and stroke weight alongside simplified forms, making the overall typeface more legible.
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april 2019 by lukeneff
Behind the process of Helvetica’s 21-century facelift - The Verge
Helvetica is one of the most well-known and often-used typefaces, and it just got a big refresh. The new version is called Helvetica Now. To learn more about what’s different and new in Helvetica Now, we spoke with Charles Nix, the type director at Monotype.
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april 2019 by vloux

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