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Psykiatrisk akutmottagning
Hey people... I thought this could be good for you all to know. If you ever feel very down and need professional help please contact them here.

In this place they also have psycologists that you can call. So you call the place and u get to talk to a psycologist. It really is good.

And if you feel you need to maybe sleep there for one night and be surrounded by professional people you can go there. If you and they decide that you need more help and maybe stay for longer time in a place like this like 2-3 days up to months then they will send you to huddinge sjukhus where specialist in different psychiatric problems are. They really are good. Two of my best friends has been in both of the places. One stayed for a shorter time and one for over a month... :heart:
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6 days ago by roggedoggelito
Unattended Access | ISL Online - YouTube
Video explaining options, security for unattended access - 2018-04-17
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9 days ago by wellsa
How to Embed Amazon S3 Video Links into an iframe – Leadpages Knowledge Base
Use this embed code for S3 or Wasabi hosted video: <iframe width="WIDTH HERE" height="HEIGHT HERE" src="YOUR URL HERE" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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