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New independent test ranks bicycle helmet safety | CyclingTips
Origins: The story of MIPS, helmet technology for brain-injury prevention
cycling  fiets  helm  helmen  test 
10 days ago by mvdhout
stable helm/charts
Curated applications for Kubernetes. Contribute to helm/charts development by creating an account on GitHub.
charts  helm  kubernetes 
28 days ago by hayzer
Think twice before using Helm – VirtusLab – Medium
On : . The last few bits match exactly what we find happens here at . Very frustrating!
Helm  nationwideengineering  from twitter
4 weeks ago by JeremyMcGee
rimusz/helm-tiller: Helm tiller plugin aka Tillerless Helm
Helm tiller plugin aka Tillerless Helm. Contribute to rimusz/helm-tiller development by creating an account on GitHub.
helm  tiller  kubernetes 
4 weeks ago by jagregory

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