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Solo | The first, open source, FIDO2 security key.
Solo is the first, open source, FIDO2 security key. Kickstarter will launch early Fall. Join the waitlist.
fido  u2f  solo  mfa  2factor  authentication  diy  opensource  dv  hellyeahshow 
august 2018 by emory
How to prepare for your digital afterlife
Make sure your accounts end up in the right hands when you die.
death  continuity  hellyeahshow  bestpractices 
september 2017 by emory
What is the Emergency feature and how to use it?
Have you ever needed someone to access one of your accounts but you weren’t there to give them the login and password? This happens to...
bestpractices  passwords  management  hellyeahshow  dashlane 
september 2017 by emory
Hardware.Info United States
Everything you need to know about computer hardware and consumer electronics: 1,254 reviews, 299,640 products, 5,293 news items, comparing prices with 7 shops.
shopping  hardware  review  electronics  home  theater  gadgets  news  hellyeahshow  pc 
december 2016 by emory
Stereo Hybrid Tube Amp with Bluetooth®
Hear for yourself why the Wall Street Journal calls this "The Miracle of a $150 (or Less) Tube Amplifier". Find out moreHit the trifecta of sound, style, and convenience with this 25-Watt St
audio  amp  tube  analog  monoprice  shopping  $$  $  home  music  hellyeahshow 
october 2016 by emory
Razer Mechanical Keyboard for iPad Pro
Introducing the World's first mechanical switch keyboard for a mobile device. Features bluetooth connectivity, metal kickstand, and a detachable protective case.
ipad  keyboard  mechanical  linkdump  hellyeahshow  ipadpro 
august 2016 by emory
Deliveries 2.1.2 for Mac
Deliveries helps you keep track of all your packages from UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, and many more. You can track orders from Amazon and Apple before they even ship. Includes a Today widget for Notification Center, an "Add to Deliveries" extension, and more.
software  macos  ios  delivery  tracking  shopping  shipping  linkdump  hellyeahshow 
august 2016 by emory
changes the way teams work together. Real work gets done, faster, smarter.
productivity  documents  collaboration  app  hellyeahshow  linkdump  service 
august 2016 by emory
General Magic - Official Teaser
General Magic tells the story of "one of the most important dead companies in Silicon Valley" and how great vision, epic failure and total redemption went…
video  generalmagic  documentary  preview  promo  linkdump  hellyeahshow 
august 2016 by emory

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