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Officials moved nearly 100 mountain goats from the Olympics last summer. How are they doing now? | The Seattle Times
More operations are planned for future summers. Goats that cannot be captured will eventually be shot. Park officials have aimed to eradicate the creatures for decades, arguing that mountain goats harm plant life, get too close to visitors, are not native to the peninsula and wouldn’t be there if humans hadn’t brought them nearly a century ago. A hiker was fatally gored by a mountain goat in 2010.

A helicopter crew snatched up 115 goats last year, according to a park count. Six goats tumbled over cliffs or were killed by darts during operations. Two died during transport. Three were euthanized because of suspected disease or behavioral problems. Six orphaned kids were taken into captivity.

Cougars preyed on several goats, according to the progress report. A bear might have gotten to another. One likely fell to its death on a steep embankment. Harris suspects others might have starved.

“In a naturally stable population, you would expect to see survival of adult females at 85-90%, and a little lower for males,” he said.

Still, “the survival rate you observed is within the bounds I would have guessed,” Harris said of the survival rate near 70%.
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Kenya helicopter crash: Americans and VIP pilot dead
A helicopter has crashed in northern Kenya, killing four American tourists and their Kenyan pilot, officials say. The helicopter reportedly crashed in Central…
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