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Mouseflow - Session Replay, Heatmaps, Funnels & Forms
Mouseflow is the most popular session replay / recording and website heatmap tool. Sign up today or call +1 (855) 668-7335 for a personal demonstration!
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february 2017 by yuri
SwiftKey X Adds Yet Another Virtual Keyboard Option for Android - Ina Fried - Mobile - AllThingsD
What make SwiftKey unique are its efforts to personalize itself to the user. Like a growing number of virtual keyboards, SwiftKey can not only predict, midword, what a person is trying to spell, but also guess what word might come next. It learns the words you use by scanning various sources, such as your Gmail, Facebook and Twitter feeds, as well as text messages and other data entered on the phone itself.<br />
“It now can personalize to the way you speak,” Chief Marketing Officer Joe Braidwood said in an interview.<br />
SwiftKey, which started in beta testing a year ago, can also handle more than one language at once, as long as a user selects the various languages they might be planning to type. For example, start typing in French and SwiftKey will select a word en français as the next likely word. Return to English and the suggestions return to English as well. Braidwood said the multilingual crowd represents the most passionate of SwiftKey’s early users.
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july 2011 by jon.straalsund

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