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HDL vs. LDL Cholesterol Ratio, Ranges, and Differences in Meaning
Triglycerides are components found in body fat, and fats from the foods you eat. Triglycerides show what you have recently eaten, and cholesterol shows what you have eaten over a long period. If you eat a fatty meal, it gets absorbed as triglycerides, so in the first few days after eating a fatty meal you will have high levels of triglycerides in your blood. The liver then packages these triglycerides as fats in your adipose tissue, and turns some of it into cholesterol. This leads to high cholesterol levels in the blood for a few days to weeks after eating a fatty meal. Like cholesterol, you need some triglycerides to keep the body healthy, but increased levels can cause health problems.
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Management of elevated low density lipoprotein-cholesterol (LDL-C) in primary prevention of cardiovascular disease - UpToDate
We acknowledge that there is a benefit from LDL-C lowering with statin therapy at virtually all levels of cardiovascular risk (see 'Rationale for LDL-C lowering in primary prevention' above). If statin therapy had no side effects and caused no financial burden, it might be reasonable to recommend it to virtually all at-risk individuals, similar to a healthy diet and exercise. In addition, the high burden and lifetime risk of cardiovascular disease in industrialized societies must be kept in mind.

However, most drugs come with burdens and cost, and these need to be a reasonably balanced with benefits. Since cardiovascular risk is on a continuum, the level of baseline risk above which statin therapy is reasonable is by definition arbitrary. Thus, for most patients who are neither at very high nor very low baseline risk, we emphasize the importance of discussing the benefits and costs of statin therapy with the individual patient.
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Inflammation, not Cholesterol, Is a Cause of Chronic Disease
Since the Seven Countries Study, dietary cholesterol and the levels of serum cholesterol in relation to the development of chronic diseases have been somewhat demonised. However, the principles of the Mediterranean diet and relevant data linked to the examples of people living in the five blue zones demonstrate that the key to longevity and the prevention of chronic disease development is not the reduction of dietary or serum cholesterol but the control of systemic inflammation. In this review, we present all the relevant data that supports the view that it is inflammation induced by several factors, such as platelet-activating factor (PAF), that leads to the onset of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) rather than serum cholesterol. The key to reducing the incidence of CVD is to control the activities of PAF and other inflammatory mediators via diet, exercise, and healthy lifestyle choices. The relevant studies and data supporting these views are discussed in this review.
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The Cholesterol-Inflammation Connection - Health
The connection between cholesterol and cardiovascular disease is by now so well established that inflammatory markers like CRP, while they may prove useful to test and treat, will not take the place of cholesterol any time soon, says Alan Daugherty, PhD, the director of the Cardiovascular Research Center at the University of Kentucky.
"If you gave physicians a choice between doing a test for cholesterol or CRP," he says, "Im fairly certain that more than 90% would take the LDL cholesterol measurement.” Treatment for inflammation, he adds, will continue to take a backseat to cholesterol-based treatments for the foreseeable future. "I very much doubt it will ever be a substitute for cholesterol-lowering, but it might very well be an add-on," says Daugherty
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Google’s HEART Framework for Measuring UX | Interaction Design Foundation
If you’ve been struggling to adopt useful metrics in your user experience team – you might want to consider the HEART framework.
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South Asian Heart Center
An advanced and comprehensive lifestyle-based prevention program to reduce incidence of heart attacks and diabetes in Indians and South Asians.
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Pets and the immunocompromised person: organ transplants recipients advised to give up pets.
Pets and the immunocompromised person

Some people with weakened immune systems may be advised to give up their pets to avoid getting diseases from the animals. People in this category include those who take high doses of steroids and others who have:

Had an organ transplant
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*** UCLA Adult Heart Transplant - overview
Our donor-heart rejection rate is the lowest in the country (just 5 percent of patients, compared to the national average of 25 percent). We have achieved that with pioneering work using newer anti-rejection medications and strategic use of statins.
We don't require biopsy to check for rejection at the one-year mark after transplant. Instead, we use a blood test developed by a UCLA heart transplant physician.
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And that’s a wrap!! Just finished up my last cardiac rehab visit. All 36 visits done ✅
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