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Organic Farms Use More Land and Don't Decrease Carbon Footprint
Another belief is that organic farming is better for the environment. There are many reasons why that isn't true, and a team of researchers from Germany and Sweden has just found another: While the carbon footprint associated with both conventional and organic diets is roughly equal, an organic diet requires 40% more land. Their results may seem counterintuitive. People who adhered to a conventional diet consumed 45% more meat than those who consumed an organic diet, but meat consumption is associated with a larger carbon footprint. Why the discrepancy? Because even though people who ate an organic diet consumed more fruits and vegetables (which have a lower carbon footprint), their consumption of pork and poultry offset the carbon savings. As it turns out, organic farms that produce pork and poultry have a larger carbon footprint than their conventional counterparts. The team's finding that organic diets require more land is in agreement with previous research, in particular a study that concluded that organic farms yield 20% less crops than conventional farms. Overall, then, organic farming was not better for the environment as measured by carbon emissions. The fact that organic farms require more land than conventional ones strongly suggests that, by this measure at least, organic farming is worse for the environment. Using more land to produce fewer crops is, by definition, inefficient and unsustainable.
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The truth about the Conservative manifesto? No new funding for schools and hospitals and more austerity | The Independent
But now we know: she couldn’t give an answer because there was actually no extra spending that needed to be paid for. The Institute for Fiscal Studies has calculated that the £8bn of NHS spending is merely a continuation of the path for health spending set out in the 2015 Spending Review and implicitly assumed to be extended in the 2017 March Budget. The IFS thinks the same thing is happening in schools spending, although with the added mischief that the £4bn figure is in cash terms, so unadjusted for expected inflation. //&! - Third of NHS children's mental health services 'face cuts or closure' Between 2010 and 2015, spending on children’s mental health services fell by nearly £50m – more than six per cent in real terms //&! - NHS is 'worse than healthcare in Ireland, Spain and Slovenia' in new global ranking UK scores total of 84.6 out of 100, placing it on an equal footing with Cyprus, Qatar, Malta, Portugal and the Czech Republic
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We’re About to Cripple the Genomic Medical Era – NewCo Shift
Trumpcare needlessly cedes US leadership in data, science, and health
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Obamacare sabotage
Details on funding cuts from Trump designed to destroy our health insurance system
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Autism diagnoses 'could be reduced under NHS plan' - BBC News
Proposals to reduce the number of children being diagnosed with autism are being considered by NHS commissioners in south-west London.
The idea of restricting an autism diagnosis to only the most severe cases was discussed earlier this month.
The local alliance of five clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) says nothing has been decided yet.
But the National Autistic Society says it is "deeply concerned" about the plans.
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Two Different Studies Find Thousands of Bugs In Pacemakers, Insulin Pumps and Other Medical Devices - Slashdot
Two studies are warning of thousands of vulnerabilities found in pacemakers, insulin pumps and other medical devices. "One study solely on pacemakers found more than 8,000 known vulnerabilities in code inside the cardiac devices," reports BBC. "The other study of the broader device market found only...
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Need a good thermometer to know how my medicine is working
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