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Experimental new technique aims to edit man's DNA inside his own body - The Verge
‘I’ve been waiting for this my whole life, something that can potentially cure me’
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Houseplants that are good for you - Business Insider
Plants can take your quality of life to a whole new level. Here are the best ones to bring into your house ASAP.
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The Ezra Klein Show: VC Bill Gurley on Transforming Health Care | Above the Crowd | By Bill Gurley
Over the next two years, I looked at many healthcare IT investment opportunities – I went “all in.” It’s worth noting that our primary focus was on technologies that aided and improved primary care, which is about half of the U.S. market in terms of revenue dollars (there is no question that digital tools will successfully impact specific acute diseases/disorders, but it’s our intuition these are best left to 100% focused HC investors). At first, this deep dive proved frustrating. The more we learned, the more we realized how much we did not really understand. The U.S. healthcare system is confusing and complex. Eventually, however, we gained our footing and developed a mental model for the industry and a framework for where opportunities do exist. We also discovered what we believe is a large and investible trend/theme. In May of this year, Ezra Klien, who is remarkably informed and intelligent on the topic of healthcare, was kind enough to include me on his podcast to discuss and debate my learnings. That podcast is included here along with a transcript.
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