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Skipping breakfast, a common habit among teenagers, associates directly with increased waist circumference and body mass index in this age group. The habit can lead to an unbalanced diet and other unhealthy behaviors, potentially making the adolescents vu
But read the comments:

"But this finding proves nothing.

It is based on two papers that are based on questionnaires to determine what the kids ate during a day and how much they exercise.

Even in an ideal world where we write down food as we eat, we still mess up. Now imagine answering a questionnaire weekly about what you ate while you are a teen or the parent of a teen. Additionally, teens that aren't skipping breakfast might have rigorous parental controls and come from higher income families which leads to healthier eating patterns as a whole. Kids from poorer families tend to skip breakfast and have a poorer understanding of the bodies nutritional needs as they eat what they get.

There are way too many variables in these types of studies that they are never reliable for more than forming a hint of a hypothesis.

No matter what the finding is it is inconclusive at best until they are able to do a clinical trial, which they won't do as they wouldn't be able to replicate their own results using the exact participants."

More great discussion in the comments.
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I'm an obesity doctor. I've seen long-term weight loss work. Here's how. - Vox
I'm all for people being happy, so that's a positive from this article.

But I do think that we need to go deeper and examine the lifestyles we're living. We simply weren't meant to drive everywhere, sit for hours at a time, get home watch Netflix on a sofa, buy and eat processed food, etc.

As with anything, I think we have to examine the system we're living in and find ways to buck the system... Can I bike to work? Can I squat at my desk? Can I talk walking meetings? Can I cook my food? Can I spend time with family running around a park instead of sitting on a couch?
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Why It Was Easier to Be Skinny in the 1980s - The Atlantic
counterintuitive = We're used to thinking of diet & exercise as the only things that matter for maintaining weight, but we're literally in a stew of chemicals & pharmaceuticals that are killing our gut bacteria and inducing our bodies to gain weight, EVEN AT THE SAME FOOD & INTAKE LEVELS of 30 years ago.
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