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Bald's Leechbook
Bald's Leechbook (also known as Medicinale Anglicum) is an Old English medical text probably compiled in the ninth-century, possibly under the influence of Alfred the Great's educational reforms.
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global Risk of Deadly heat| Nature Climate Change
Mora et al, June 2017: Climate change can increase the risk of conditions that exceed human thermoregulatory capacity
. Although numerous stud-
ies report increased mortality associated with extreme heat
, quantifying the global risk of heat-related mortality
remains challenging due to a lack of comparable data on
heat-related deaths
. Here we conducted a global analysis
of documented lethal heat events to identify the climatic
conditions associated with human death and then quantified
the current and projected occurrence of such deadly climatic
conditions worldwide. We reviewed papers published between
1980 and 2014, and found 783 cases of excess human
mortality associated with heat from 164 cities in 36 countries.
Based on the climatic conditions of those lethal heat events,
we identified a global threshold beyond which daily mean
surface air temperature and relative humidity become deadly.
Around 30% of the world’s population is currently exposed
to climatic conditions exceeding this deadly threshold for at
least 20 days a year. By 2100, this percentage is projected
to increase to ∼48% under a scenario with drastic reductions
of greenhouse gas emissions and ∼74% under a scenario of
growing emissions. An increasing threat to human life from
excess heat now seems almost inevitable, but will be greatly
aggravated if greenhouse gases are not considerably reduced.
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Another study is touting the benefits of yoga—this time, for people with back problems. The new research put yoga head-to-head against physical therapy and found the two were equally good at restoring function and reducing the need for pain medication over time.
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Jealousy is Insecurity Unplugged | The Relationship Blogger
co-written by Tricia Barker and Ethan Michael Carter Her Perspective:  There are annoying men and women in this world who try to make their dates or partners jealous. Maybe she comments on how this waiter and that bartender wants to sleep with her. Maybe he points out women who are checking him out or tells [...]

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