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Headquarters | Houston Co-Working Office Suites
Headquarters offers flexible, creative office workspace with the amenities and perks of a corporate office. Get the best of both worlds.
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8 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
Accessing Talent Through a Dual Headquarters Move - Area Development
There are many lessons to be learned from the Amazon search for a second headquarters location, but establishing dual headquarters is more the exception than the rule.
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march 2019 by areadevelopment
Five economic development takeaways from the Amazon HQ2 bids - Brookings
Amazon’s decision to cancel its New York headquarters investment has led to intense debate among academics, politicians, and civil society. The split culminated Amazon’s very public search process in which 238 U.S. cities submitted detailed bids to the company to host its “second headquarters,” or HQ2
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march 2019 by areadevelopment
Ron DeSantis to Trump: Put Space Force headquarters in Florida - Tampa Bay Times
If President Donald Trump goes through with an idea to create a new space-focused branch of the military, Gov. Ron DeSantis said it should be in Florida.
this-week-448  Around-the-web  Matt  Florida  south-atlantic  economic-development  site-selection  Aerospace  headquarters 
february 2019 by areadevelopment
After Amazon's HQ2 hunt, some states target corporate tax breaks - CBS News
Amazon's announcement last week that it would abandon a planned New York City headquarters after a drawn-out bidding process has vindicated community activists who criticize the types of tax-cut deals the retail giant secured.
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february 2019 by areadevelopment
3 Takeaways From Amazon's About-Face On NYC HQ2 - Law360
Amazon’s sudden cancellation of its planned $2.5 billion second headquarters in New York City highlights that economic development incentives are often still a tough sell to local residents.
this-week-448  Around-the-web  Matt  amazon  HQ2  headquarters  new-york  new-york-city  mid-atlantic  jobs  taxes-incentives  economic-development  site-selection  tech  high-tech  technology 
february 2019 by areadevelopment
Leaving Long Island City? What Losing Amazon HQ2 Would Mean For NYC's Future - Forbes
Amazon’s New York City-based HQ2 is getting some pushback — and it appears the megalith retailer is actually reconsidering its decision to put down roots in the Big Apple. There have even been reports that Amazon might pull out of its previously announced Long Island City location.
this-week-448  Around-the-web  Matt  amazon  HQ2  headquarters  new-york  mid-atlantic  new-york-city  economic-development  site-selection  taxes-incentives 
february 2019 by areadevelopment
Amazon Threat to Back Out of NYC Shakes Up Real Estate Brokers - Bloomberg
Without a boost from Amazon, the number of condominium sales in Long Island City will probably slow, said Patrick W. Smith, a Stribling & Associates broker. Since Amazon announced its plans, homebuyers had signed 132 contracts in the neighborhood as of Feb. 3, his data show, up from 40 signed in the same period a year earlier.
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february 2019 by areadevelopment

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