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✨Calculating Color: Dynamic Color Theming with Pure CSS
Did you know that you can build custom dynamic color themes without the use of JavaScript or a CSS preprocessor!? Read on!
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5 weeks ago by justinavery
Case Study: lynnandtonic.com 2019 refresh
Last week we ran Lynn Fisher's new responsive website as our featured site, and this Lynn was kind enough to take you step by step through the process of how it was put together. I love these explanations each year and I _always_ learn two or three things.
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7 weeks ago by justinavery
Print To CSS | Website and blog of Front-end developer and web designer, Dan Davies
I love Dan's approach to learning CSS Grid here almost as much as I love Jessica Fletcher. Using print layouts from magazines is a great start for lovely desktop orientated layouts, but the impressive piece is how he's then translated those layouts in a responsive manner.
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8 weeks ago by justinavery
The 2019 Web Almanac
HTTP Archive's annual state of the web report
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9 weeks ago by justinavery

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