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API-First CMS Primer with Directus’ Open Source Headless CMS
API-First CMS Primer with Directus’ Open Source Headless CMS
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yesterday by jrisch
Presenting our Fully Headless Magento 2 shop! TheR... - Magento Forums
Since October 2016, after a few months of research and “trial and error”, Michal Wujas and his team from our company Hatimeria, started to develop
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yesterday by arioch1984
Home Page - The Rake
The modern voice of classic elegance and the champion of discreet luxury. The world’s leading luxury men’s style and lifestyle magazine for men with taste.
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yesterday by arioch1984
Headless Magento and Extensions | Alan Kent's Blog
With the improved REST APIs in Magento, more “headless Magento” projects are emerging. This is where some other software provides the “glass” (presentation code) and Magento provides all the underlying ecommerce functionality (cart, taxes, shipping, order management, etc). But should extension developers do anything different in Magento 2 to work in such scenarios? Headless Magento…
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2 days ago by arioch1984
sitewards/headless-magento2-resources: A list of resources about consuming Magento 2 via the API in a frontend web client
headless-magento2-resources - A list of resources about consuming Magento 2 via the API in a frontend web client
magento2  headless  repo  react  examples  jsonp 
2 days ago by arioch1984
JT Bullitt :: Setting up a Mac mini as a “headless” server
JT Bullitt :: Setting up a Mac mini as a _headless_ server
apple  mac  headless  server  mini 
9 days ago by javierruiz

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