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funciones - PHP y la función header(location: ) - Stack Overflow en español
PHP y la función header(location: )
Tengo un hosting de Hostgator en el cual siempre tengo el mismo problema al usar la función header de php para re-direccionar, por ej: header("Location:index.php"); Si lo hago en xampp, no hay problemas y todo funciona bien, pero si lo subo al hosting, siempre recibo el warning que dice "headers already sent... bla bla bla". Siempre pasa, apenas uso la función header("Location:archivo.php") recibo el warning y no me re-direcciona. ¿Cómo lo puedo solucionar?
header  redirect  php 
2 days ago by pepesaura
why you should not suggest HTTP content negotiation as a solution to a problem
"The purpose of this page is to explain what's wrong with HTTP content negotiation and why you should not suggest HTTP content negotiation as a solution to a problem."
HTTP  contentNegociation  multilinguism  contentType  AcceptLanguage  Accept  header  clevermarks 
13 days ago by nhoizey
Custom Headers with HttpClient - The World According to Marc
I while back I talked about Basic Authentication with HttpClient. Kaysha posted an excellent question about custom headers for things like User-Agent and Con...
api  header 
4 weeks ago by sikkens
pcb - Bottomless SIP Socket/Machine Pin Header? - Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange
"pin receptacles pcb (or mill-max pin receptacles) -- these are just the metal parts of a machined pin socket, without the plastic frame. So they can be mounted very low-profile. Downside is most of them require slightly larger pcb holes"
pcb  header  electronics 
5 weeks ago by cameronl
Using the Forwarded header | NGINX
NGINX configuration and caveats for deploying the Forwarded header.
nginx  forwarded  header  x_forwarded_for  emulate  configuration 
5 weeks ago by eeichinger
Simple animated sticky header with plain JavaScript and CSS - Trevan Hetzel
Trevan Hetzel's personal blog on front-end development, CSS, JavaScript, Backbone, WordPress and more
navigation  animations  resources  css  header  javascript 
6 weeks ago by lilianchisca
Page Header Code Injection below banner/navigation? - Answers
Add links, text, buttons... or any div on top of all blog pages (or on top af ALL pages); siehe Willi Haider Website Design;
sqs  squarespace  codeinjection  header  blog  navigation  blogpost  blogging  links  divs 
6 weeks ago by spitonastranger
Responsive Table | Jeremy Church
A mobile-friendly table solution, which persists headers for each table-cell on mobile devices.
webdesign  web  design  css  js  javascript  script  table  cell  header  responsive 
8 weeks ago by piperh
KyleAMathews/react-headroom: Hide your header until you need it
GitHub is where people build software. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 85 million projects.
github  react  header  library 
8 weeks ago by jppferguson

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