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GitHub - charcole/NeoGeoHDMI: Verilog project that takes the digital video and audio from a Neo Geo MVS before going through the DACs and outputs the signals over HDMI
Verilog project that takes the digital video and audio from a Neo Geo MVS before going through the DACs and outputs the signals over HDMI - charcole/NeoGeoHDMI
neogeo  old  retro  videogame  hdmi  video  output  modern  project 
14 days ago by gilberto5757
Setup a Kiosk with Ubuntu and Chromium - O'Brien Labs
How to setup a digital signage kiosk to auto login after reboot, open Chromium and auto load tabs, which display the information you want for your signage.
kiosk  xdotool  hdmi  chromium 
4 weeks ago by exnihilo

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