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(86) Muxlab HD over IP with PoE Solutions for Digital Signage and Video Walls - YouTube
Muxlab HD over IP with PoE Solutions for Digital Signage and Video Walls
Muxlab  HD  over  IP  with  PoE  Solutions  for  Digital  Signage  and  Video  Walls  hdmi 
4 weeks ago by kilroy2
“I Don’t Care If It Never Shows in a Theater”: Steven Soderbergh on sex, lies, and videotape, 4K HDR and the Studio System
Some films make a splash on their initial release and are largely forgotten just a few years later; others are ignored but rise in stature with the passage of time. Steven Soderbergh’s 1989 debut sex, lies, and videotape is one of those rare movies that was a phenomenon in its time and has only gotten better with age, a razor-sharp exploration of the ways in which we lie to each other and ourselves and an inquiry into what those lies say about our relationships, our desires, and our society as a whole. An extremely specific movie about a precise social class and cultural moment, it’s nevertheless a timeless study of issues that couldn’t be more pertinent to our current age, most notably in terms of the role technology plays in creating both distance and intimacy. It’s also impeccably acted, photographed, edited and directed, with a depth of feeling and an economy of expression that earns comparison with the best of Ingmar Bergman – not to mention Mike Nichols and Peter Bogdanovich, two
soderbergh  film  movies  bluray  hd  hdr  hdtv  history 
8 weeks ago by grahams
Mac mini Late 2012 Data Doubler 2nd Hard Drive/SSD Installation Video - YouTube
OWC's step-by-step video of how to install an OWC Data Doubler in the Apple Mac mini 2012 with Model ID: Macmini6,1, & Macmini6,2.
mac  mini  late  2012  HD  SSD  drive  replacement  tutorials  OWC  YouTube 
9 weeks ago by jaumeb

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