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Solved: U2515H Monitor HDMI output unable to set to 2560x1... - Dell Community
Solved: Hi, I just bought two u2515h monitor from Dell. I have a PC with ATI Radeon HD 5800 graphic card, which have 1 HDMI port, 1 DP port, and 2
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4 days ago by te-online
Lime Technology | unRAID
Where many competitors have focused on creating an appliance offering, unRAID has taken a hardware-agnostic approach to network-attached storage.

The benefit is unRAID’s ability to boot on nearly any x86 64-bit capable system and manage an array of disks that vary in size, speed, brand, and protocol. In addition, by eliminating the use of traditional RAID-based technologies, we can scale on-demand by adding more disks and without needing to rebalance data.

unRAID’s storage capabilities are broken down into three components: the array, the cache, and the user share file system.
NAS  Raid  OS  Server  VirtualMachine  US  EN  Paid  Software  Enterprise  Consumer  SSD  HD  Storage 
12 days ago by abetancort
AntennaWeb.org - Antenna Signal Prediction
Use AntennaWeb.org to explore your television viewing options. Its Cord-Cutting Guide helps you evaluate alternatives to cable or satellite subscriptions.
and http://tvfool.com
and check out http://otadtv.com/index.html too.
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21 days ago by MattJhsn

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