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81 Megapixel image of the moon
I took nearly 50,000 images of the night sky to make an 81 Megapixel image of Tuesday's moon. Uncompressed image linked in the comments. [OC]

via Elliot
via:elliot  art  moon  astronomy  photography  hd 
2 days ago by jm
Mixkit - Extraordinary Free HD videos
Authentic video footage & animation, licensed for free.
Mixkit is a curated gallery of high-quality videos and animation, made by some of the world’s most talented creators, with all content licensed for free.
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4 days ago by csaper
Mixkit - Extraordinary Free HD videos
For you to use, completely free of charge.
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7 days ago by danroc
Mixkit - Extraordinary Free HD videos
For you to use, completely free of charge.
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9 days ago by ebouchut
The Evolution of Bitcoin Key Management – Casa Blog – Medium
Let’s revisit important milestones in how we experienced Bitcoin HODLing over the past 10 years, and what we can expect from 2019. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  bitcoin  hd  key  management  wallet 
5 weeks ago by ChristopherA
HDMI Switching 101: Add More HDMI Ports - HD Nation Clips - YouTube
HDMI Switching 101: Add More HDMI Ports - HD Nation Clips
HDMI  Switching  101:  Add  More  Ports  -  HD  Nation  Clips 
7 weeks ago by kilroy2
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An Incredible Video of What It’s Like to Orbit the Earth for 90 Minutes
This is easily the most awe-inspiring and jaw-dropping thing I’ve seen in months. In its low Earth orbit ~250 miles above our planet, the International Space Station takes about 90 minutes to complete one orbit of the Earth. Fewer than 600 people have ever orbited our planet, but with this realtime video by Seán Doran, you can experience what it looks like from the vantage point of the IIS for the full 90 minutes.
earth  space  orbit  video  hd  4k  planet  interesting  amazing  overview  realtime 
8 weeks ago by markhgn

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