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CIO covers Human + Machine
"Daughtery, who tackles the need for organizations to beef up on what he calls 'missing middle' digital skills in a new book, Human + Machine: Reimagining Work in the Age of AI, says enterprises require a rethinking of how to leverage people and technology."
CIO  humanplusmachine  2018front  hbspnews 
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ThriveGlobal covers Human + Machine
"Human + Machine provides the missing and much-needed management playbook for success in our new age of AI."
2018front  ThriveGlobal  HumanPlusMachine  hbspnews 
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Forbes covers Human + Machine
"Clearly, it is not yet clear whether the advent of AI, which is already more prevalent in organizations than many people realize, will create the wonderful world imagined by Automation Anywhere and Accenture. But it is obvious that if it is to make any progress in overcoming suspicions that it is all about reducing jobs and saving money, leaders introducing it must make a much better case. Human + Machine might just provide a starting point."
humanplusmachine  2018front  hbspnews  Forbes 
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