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Automatic filing with Hazel and Mavericks tags - BrettTerpstra.com
I've finished a tag-based filing system I started working on before Mavericks. I personally think it's flexible enough to be shared, but others may balk at the apparent complexity. It does take some
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4 weeks ago by McHenner
DropIt: Personal Assistant to Automatically Manage Your Files
Application to automatically process and organize your files, to move, compress, extract, rename, delete, list, send by mail, encrypt, etc.
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8 weeks ago by ebouchut
letter writing pen
This is a Japanese pen, and it’s sort of the modern version of a felt tip pen, but it’s not a ballpoint. And it’s got a very narrow tip or nib or whatever it’s called and stylist. And this came about because I started — sort of related to my avoidance of email — keeping a written journal. And so I experimented with a lot of writing pens. I also had really bad handwriting — my crazy chicken scratch. [This pen] males it a little bit more legible. And they’re also refillable. They’re a little bit like a fountain pen where you can change like a modern fountain pen with a bladder, but with a little cartridge, and so you can swap them out. And they’re pink. At least the ones I have are pink. Although I didn’t really realize that because I’m slightly colorblind. A lady was like, “I love your pink pen.” I was like, “Really!” I thought this was tan. No idea, I was like sort of doing a performatively, adolescent girly thing like writing in my journal with a pink pen. So the Zig pen, it’s just a great little writing device.
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9 weeks ago by davidvan

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