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How the Lyons Estate on Big Island is preserving Hawaii's ohia lehua tree | Hawaii Magazine
I first spot them as I rumble along the long gravel road. The soft, bristled flowers are like mini red fireworks dotting the forest.  I’m in Mountain View, a small town about 15 miles east of Hilo, visiting a tucked-away property called the Lyons Estate.
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A Park Reborn
Field Notes explores Honolulu’s vast and varied scenes and subcultures. As a vog-tinted sunset silvers the sea off Mākālei Beach Park, Cristal Mortensen and Glenn Rostron eye the lineup at Suicides before heading out to surf.
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The search for the mysterious and beloved manapua man | Hawaii Magazine
I was told there’s a manapua man in Pearl City, Oahu, but without a proper address, all I can surmise is that he’s on the corner of Moanalua Road and Hoolaulea Street, under a bridge.
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Queen Kapiolani Hotel's new retro-chic renovation | Hawaii Magazine
The Queen Kapiolani Hotel’s lobby, with its new open-air design, is just one of many changes at the hotel, which began a $35 million renovation project late last year.
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I'm back in !

Just kidding. Just sharing some photos i took shortly before i left.
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COUNTY OF KAUA’I - Generic Tax Sale Inst_rev 08DEC2017.pdf
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VIDEO: Hirono Questions Kavanaugh On Day Two Of Senate Hearing
VIDEO: Hirono Questions Kavanaugh On Day Two Of Senate Hearing
(BIVN) – Senator Hirono questioned Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh during the high-profile confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday.

Hirono grilled Kavanaugh on, as she puts it, “his past offensive comments about Native Hawaiians, the importance of confronting the scourge of sexual harassment, and the nominee’s unwillingness to affirm a woman’s constitutional right to an abortion,” as the Hawaii senator put it, during her first round of questioning.

Hirono has already announced that she will oppose the Kavanaugh nomination. “At this moment of danger for our democracy, the American people do not need a rubber stamp for Donald Trump on the Supreme Court,” she said.
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