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Hawaiian blood test
Colonialist legacy about land and race persists in Hawai'i
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2 hours ago by nelson
Hawaii has record-low unemployment and it’s not a frozen hellscape. Why are people leaving? - The Washington Post
eugeneevon: If population is shrinking/stable, why is traffic on the Queen's highway on the Big Island getting progressively worse?

Don Mussell says:
Because the Washington Post writer does not know what he is writing about. Which is mostly about Oahu, not the Big Island.

The reason that traffic is getting worse on the Big Island is because Oahu and Maui are now too expensive, don't have enough housing infrastructure, and the Big Island is less expensive, so many have moved there. Plenty of room to buy open acres and build your own there. If you don't mind living below the volcano with no cheap insurance, or like desert living with no rain or water in Ka`u among the meth heads.

The Washington Post article lacks nuance and truthiness.
yesterday by raccoonnookkeeper
Remembering A Legendary Hawaiian Musician : NPR
The great Hawaiian guitarist, singer and patriarch Gabby Pahinui died in 1980 but his influence is still felt. His music was featured in the George Clooney movie The Descendants and his sons have been carrying on the tradition. But Martin Pahinui just died and his brothers Cyril and Bla are getting old.
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yesterday by raccoonnookkeeper
Off the Grid, on Maui - The New York Times
When Graham Hill began designing a house on Maui, he wanted more than a rustic surf shack. “I wanted to see what it was like to live in the future,” he said. Mr. Hill, 47, is probably best known for starting the sustainability and design website TreeHugger.
3 days ago by fwhamm
Guide To Hawaii by , a freelancer in Hilo making over $100k a year
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4 days ago by hawaii
Forbes Welcome
Guide To Hawaii by , a freelancer in Hilo making over $100k a year
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4 days ago by hawaii
Hawaii: Where Evolution Can Be Surprisingly Predictable - The Atlantic
“There are only a certain number of good ways to be a spider in these ecosystems, and evolution repeatedly finds those ways,”
evolution  spiders  hawaii  camouflage 
5 days ago by adegru
Maui Official Travel Site: Find Vacation & Travel Information | Go Hawaii
Find travel information about the island of Maui, including activities, lodging, dining and more from the official resource for the state of Hawaii.
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8 days ago by jbmorley

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