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Hawaiian blood quantum
Standard for renewing a Homelands lease changed from 1/4 native blood to 1/32 in 2017
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9 days ago by nelson
Sweet Memories: Remembering the Reign of Sugar Cane in Hawaiʻi - Honolulu Magazine - July 2018 - Hawaii
A symbol of a bygone era in Waipahu’s plantation history undergoes much-needed restoration. Photos: Aaron K. Yoshino For 120 years, the landmark smokestack at the shuttered O‘ahu Sugar Co.
hawaii  oahu 
9 days ago by fwhamm
Broken Promises
A new study of the Hawaiian Homelands, a program that was supposed to give land and housing to native Hawaiians but has mostly failed.
hawaii  hawai'i  homelands  maps  nativerights  history 
10 days ago by nelson
Aloha shirt history
The development of Hawaiian shirts
hawai'i  hawaii  fashion  shirts  aloha  prints 
11 days ago by nelson

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