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Garrison Keillor: Improve Your Marriage In One Day | Reader's Digest
The benefit luncheon in Atlanta is not a happy time. It is an organization of Very Rich People Helping Wretched People Without Having to Be in the Same Room with Them, and it’s full of alpha males of the sort you see strutting around airports with cell phones clipped to their ears hollering at somebody in Cincinnati and gushy women who tell you they adore your TV show and never miss it on Sunday night, even though it’s radio and it’s on Saturday. I give my 15-minute speech, which suddenly isn’t amusing at all, and the president of Very Rich People gives me, in gratitude for my generosity, a hideous Lucite plaque, which I deposit in a trash bin at the airport, and I fly home to Minnesota, and there is my elegant wife waiting at the curb in her car.
Garrison  Keillor  Very  Rich  People  Helping  Wretched  Without  Having  to  Be  in  the  Same  Room  with  Them 
4 weeks ago by Michael.Massing

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