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The Ghosts of Ganymede by Derek Künsken
The cracked, blasted surface of Ganymede came into focus outside the portholes, assuming three-dimensional texture and relief. Jupiter’s yellow-orange planet-shine gave way to the white glare of the lander’s spotlights and the scatter of light within cold jets blowing dust and pebbles and chunks of ice away. Even in the low gravity, the landing jarred, bouncing once, before they came to rest.
short.story  scifi  haunting 
21 days ago by alclaexman
The Last Voyage of Skidbladnir
Award-winning author Karin Tidbeck presents a science fiction adventure of a mysterious spaceship on an interstellar voyage in The Last Voyage of Skidbladnir.

Life on the transdimensional ship Skidbladnir is a strange one. The new janitor, Saga, finds herself in the company of an officious steward-bird, a surly and mysterious engineer, and the shadowy Captain. Who the odd passengers are, and according to what plan the ship travels, is unclear.

Just when Saga has begun to understand the inner workings of Skidbladnir, she discovers that something is wrong. Skidbladnir is sick. And it’s up to her and the engineer to fix it.
short.story  scifi  haunting 
11 weeks ago by alclaexman
A Really Bad Month – Spiralbound – Medium
Not all that long ago, I had a boyfriend. Then I went to visit my grandma for the weekend.
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july 2018 by lenards

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