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REST and Hypermedia in 2019 | APIs You Won't Hate - A community that cares about API design and development.
A modern day look at the Richardson Maturity model, and insight into how the various layers of abstraction REST provides can help API Developers working in HTTP for various scenarios.
phil_sturgeon  richardson_maturity_model  netapinotes  infographic  api_design  hypermedia  hateoas 
may 2019 by mreinbold
REST and Hypermedia in 2019 | APIs You Won't Hate - A community that cares about API design and development.
This is a snippet from the author's book, and it links to other articles that sum up the real HATEOAS advantages. Also covers graphql in other links and how it plays hell with caching.
api  HATEOAS  REST  piperesearch  http 
may 2019 by mechazoidal
Representing State in REST and GraphQL – APIs You Won't Hate
Representing state is a complex thing. At my last two jobs, it’s been very common for APIs to be treated like “databases over HTTP”. The fields are sent up and down from the server to multiple…
rest  hateoas  RESTful  state 
april 2019 by arubis
We put the dance in affordance! on the new abstractions in to enable support more advanc…
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march 2019 by pdudits
Why there is no such thing as the Richardson Maturity Model - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
"Richardson himself at RESTFest 2015, in a talk subtitled "What Have I Done?", described the whole thing as "very embarrassing" and clarified that if you want to proceed up the steps of the Maturity Heuristic, you have to have either a technical reason or a political reason to do so. There is also no prize or "glory" at the top - sorry to disappoint. (https://vimeo.com/147237932)"
apis  mike_ralphson  rest  hateoas  maturity  richarson 
february 2019 by earth2marsh
A Gardener's Approach to Growing an API Culture
My work on pragmatic software governance has evolved. It started with a focus scaling good API design across a modern enterprise company. Increasingly, I'm i...
rest  graphql  API  Architecture  hateoas 
november 2018 by pks
GraphQL vs. REST – Apollo GraphQL
Two ways of querying an api... but which is best?
GraphQL  REST  blog  article  API  HATEOAS 
november 2018 by searchmeister
Roy Fielding’s REST dissertation – Ole Begemann
I recently read Roy Fielding’s 2000 PhD thesis, Architectural Styles and the Design of Network-based Software Architectures, in which he introduced and described REST. Here’s what I learned.
rest  http  history  HATEOAS  api 
november 2018 by cdzombak

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