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Philip Cunningham - Parse Ruby Objects in Haskell
By writing the ruby-marshal package, I was able to create a Haskell web application that coexisted with a Rails application. This approach has been a success at work and appears to be one way in which you could gradually migrate an existing web application written in Ruby over to Haskell without the risk associated with a full rewrite.
13 hours ago by nicolashery
Partial Evaluation Tutorial
"This is a short tutorial introduction to online partial evaluation. We show how to write a simple online partial evaluator for a simple, pure, first-order, functional programming language. In particular, we show that the partial evaluator can be derived as a variation on a compositionally defined interpreter. We demonstrate the use of the resulting partial evaluator for program optimization in the context of model-driven development."
haskell  paper  tutorial  interpreters  computerscience 
21 hours ago by mrnugget
ekmett/compensated: Compensated floating-point arithmetic
This package provides a form of compensated arithmetic that lets you perform many operations on chains of doubles at higher precision.
In particular addition, multiplication, etc. on a Compensated Double is done with twice as many bits of significand as on a raw Double.
floating-point  math  library  haskell  repository 
yesterday by slowbyte

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