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Oleg's gists - Free Monad and Free Applicative using single Free type
I define free Monad and free Applicative using single type, parametrised over a tensor. It's possible, because both Monad and Applicative are monoids in the category of endofunctors. There is little, if any, practical applications I can foresee for these definitions, but it's fun to see how things are connected. I won't prove laws hold, or constructions are free (= are left adjoint of a forgetful functor).

The post was inspired by Bartosz Milewski blog post about Free Monoidal Functors, and only while writing this I discovered Notions of Computations as Monoids, read that for rigid explanations.
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8 hours ago by kmt
Badness 10.0000 | Escaping Hell with Monads
"As programmers we occasionally find ourselves in “Programmer’s Hell”, where our regular abstractions fail to satisfactory solve certain recurrent problems.

In this post we’ll have a look at some instances of such sitations, their “ad hoc” solutions provided at the language level, and finally at how these problems can be solved in a uniform way using Monads. (Call you language implementor and ask for do-notation today!)"

This attempts to be insightful, but by giving no explaination of how the magical "monad" works underneath it doesn't gain me anything.
haskell  functional  programming 
8 hours ago by ssam
Badness 10.0000 | Escaping Hell with Monads
Four examples of pattern where monads are useful (and how other languages cope with the problems). HN https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=16445212
haskell  fp  functional  monad  programming  patterns 
9 hours ago by joecamel

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