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Display Purposes | Photo Hashtags for the Modern Trollop
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7 days ago by montevirginio
In Praise of the Hashtag - The New York Times
The pound sign is a typographical symbol with ambitions. For decades, it was an afterthought on our telephone keypads, mashed occasionally in frustration during prolonged customer-service calls.

As a result, we’ve arrived at a strange moment for the hashtag. The people at Twitter are fond of saying that the hashtag is the new URL — and it’s true that you’re just as likely to see the former as the latter these days on-screen at the end of a movie trailer.

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Lindsay K November 8, 2012
Very interesting article. I've been so fascinated with how all this social media is creating a language of its own, and, specifically in a...

Tony November 8, 2012
I found this article fascinating and smart. But Julia Turner's reference to antimetabole and zeugma, two definitions from the ancient art of...

M November 7, 2012
Lovely piece, thanks.

Yet the rise of the hashtag’s commercial possibilities shouldn’t lead us to overlook what is truly remarkable about it. This bit of utilitarian Web ephemera, invented with functionality squarely in mind, has blossomed into a marvelous and underappreciated literary device.
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25 days ago by cogdog
RT : Sometimes all an effective campaign needs is a hashtag. Using the right can help you create a movement tha…
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12 weeks ago by TomRaftery
How to get twitter historical data?
Read 7 answers by scientists with 5 recommendations from their colleagues to the question asked by Askoum Koumtingue on Jun 5, 2017
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september 2018 by iaeon
Most of what's cool about Twitter was actually invented by users. Here's the first ever use of a , from…
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august 2018 by bowbrick
Um, is encouraging stuffing and dilution? OK, then.
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august 2018 by Michael.Massing
Utilizar bien los hashtag en Instagram
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july 2018 by harwin68

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