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BQ25570 Energy Harvester from MarcAurele on Tindie
This is a solar energy harvester specifically designed for low power applications that need a constant power supply of 3.3V.

At $45, a tad expensive; however definitely worth it in due to the quality of the build.
tindie  energy  renewable  lowpower  embedded  solar  harvesting 
6 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
PTPM Energy Scavenger | Hackaday.io
PTPM energy scavenger is designed as platform that can be easily adapted to vast range of environmental sensing applications. Heart of the platform is energy scavenging module that can harvest energy from photovoltaic, thermoelectric, piezoelectric and magnetic induction sources.
hackaday  energy  harvesting  energyharvesting  power  green 
6 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
Power generator using cycling waste heat hot water/cooling water to drive a shape memory alloy wire actuator piston, which drives a hydraulic transmission and power generator. Made a discovery for high cycle ninitol alloy (10 million versus 1 million cycles for regular NT wire) to make the linear actuator work for industrial applications. Uses direct impingement of hot water and cold water to cycle the actuator though...
nitinol  shape  memory  metal  alloy  materials  science  research  technology  wasteheat  power  generator  linear  actuator  piston  hydraulic  transmission  drive  scavenging  harvesting  high  cycle  fatigue  resistance 
march 2019 by asteroza
A Non-Toxic Thermoelectric Generator for Wearable Tech - IEEE Spectrum
A new way to harvest electricity from body heat could inspire new wearable devices that never need to be plugged in. The millivolts of electricity this thermoelectric technology produces mandates slim power usage from any electronics plugged in to its feed. The new, wearable thermoelectric generator is also sourced from non-toxic and non-allergenic substances, making it a viable candidate for wearable technology. In fact, says Trisha Andrew, associate professor of chemistry at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, the substrate on which the generator is built is plain old cotton fabric.
ieee  harvesting  energy  wearables  energyharvesting  wearable  power 
february 2019 by cyberchucktx
Tryst Energy by TWTG
In the world of tomorrow everything is connected through the Internet of Things. We're building this world today. And today is finally the day you don’t need batteries anymore. Imagine charging your sensors with only 200 lux Light Energy in 4 hours (which is nothing) and connect them for 24 hours (which is amazing). This is less than the light you'll find beneath your desk.

Tryst Energy is about removing the elephant in the room nobody is talking about, in other words: getting rid of the battery that needs to be charged / replaced / maintained. Hello always-online and zero-maintenance. Energy harvesting, but with the tools that really work - today.
iot  energy  internetofthings  battery  solar  harvesting  energyharvesting  power 
february 2019 by cyberchucktx
Battery-Free Biosensor Measures Your Health by Drinking Your Sweat | Digital Trends
At present, the majority of wearable biomarker sensors require onboard batteries to power them. While that’s perfectly acceptable for some use cases, it’s not as well-suited for tasks such as continuous tracking for medical purposes. To solve this problem, researchers from Northwestern University have developed a battery-free soft skin patch that’s able to wirelessly gather data about the body by testing sweat components. In time, the team hopes that this technology will be useful for clinical applications such as cystic fibrosis diagnosis and rehabilitation tracking among stroke survivors.
medical  health  wearable  harvesting  energy  energyharvesting  wearables  sensor 
january 2019 by cyberchucktx

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