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The Sleeping Beauty Curse - Chapter 1 - who_la_hoop - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
When Draco Malfoy falls into a cursed sleep and can only be woken – at least, according to the Daily Prophet, that impeccable source of truth – by ‘true love’s kiss’, Harry Potter knows there’s no way on earth he’s the answer to this particular riddle. Is he . . .?
fic  hp  harrypotter  futurefic  hp:ewe  dracomalfoy  harry/draco  hermionegranger  rating:nc-17 
2 days ago by starwire
Lily Potter's Biggest Secret Chapter 1: A Mothers Desperation, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
Following a moment of passion, Lily Potter finds herself in a difficult position. She does her best to hide it. What happens when seventeen years later, her biggest secret comes to light? A story chronicling the formation of a family.
fic  hp  harry/ginny  hermione/draco  dracomalfoy  hermionegranger  harrypotter  severussnape  author:stronghermione 
2 days ago by flakeofemerald
clotpolesonly - Pink Is For Pining (You, You, Nothing But You)
“You know you could just ask him out, right?” Scott asked.

Stiles stuffed the toast in his mouth and hoped he wasn’t blushing. “Why would I do that?”

“Because you have a ginormous crush on him.”

“I do not, shut up,” Stiles hissed as well as he could around a mouthful of toast.

“Your pink hair says differently,” Scott sing-songed at him.


In which Stiles is a supremely socially awkward metamorphmagus with a crush, Derek is a quietly pining werewolf, and Scott and Lydia are done with thei...
au  fic  teenwolf  derek/stiles  harrypotter  crossover 
3 days ago by juniormints
Home Comforts by moonfairy13
Fred and George make their way to The Burrow earlier than usual one Sunday. They want to talk to their parents before the Weasley family lunch about a rather important development in their lives...
fanfic  HarryPotter  FredW/HermioneG/GeorgeW  author:moonfairy13 
4 days ago by AzureHart
Making a Home at the End of the World - Starlingthefool - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Harry is a Jaeger pilot, and Draco is in the K-Science division. Together, they fight crime Kaiju! Actually, they mostly fight each other.
fic  hp  PacificRim  dracomalfoy  harrypotter  harry/draco  hermionegranger  rating:pg-13 
5 days ago by starwire
Good Talk, Potter - loveglowsinthedark - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Potter begins to take me apart, each savage, pounding thrust peeling away layer after layer of everything that I am, reaming me open in a way that makes me wonder how I’ll ever be able to let anybody else but him fuck me after this.
fic  harrypotter  pairing:harry/draco  [5-10k 
6 days ago by shadowkeeper
Those We Love (Never Truly Leave Us) - clotpolesonly - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“Aw, c’mon!” Stiles said. “I mean, really, a Hogwarts student somehow gets bitten by a werewolf and goes full-on feral wolfman and now spends his days snacking on wayward students? Don’t get me wrong, it makes for a great campfire tale, but—”

“You do know it’s not a legend, right?” Allison cut in.

“‘Course it is,” Scott said, confused. “We all heard it as first years. It’s tradition to scare the little kids with it. Don’t they tell it down in the Slytherin dorms too?”

Allison rolled her eyes. “Sure they do, but that’s not what I meant,” she said. “I mean, it’s not just a scary story. It’s true. It wasn’t exactly the way the story gets told,” she allowed, “but he really is out there.”
fandom:teenwolf  Derek/Stiles  rating:pg  preslash  feral  harrypotter  Words:6000-9000  AU 
7 days ago by hpfan_8890
Together We're Fantastic - Nerdy_fangirl_57 - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles Stilinski arrived in New York to give a presentation on the wonders of the numerous fascinating creatures he encounters in his line of work. Despite many people fearing these extraordinary beasts due to their large size and power, Stiles was only ever enamored with these misunderstood animals and wants to do everything in his power to educate people that these creatures are not simply blood thirsty predators who destroy everything in their path.

Then someone *cough* looking at you Niffles *cough* had to go and let the Graphorn on the loose.

Isn't that wonderful?
fandom:teenwolf  Derek/Stiles  harrypotter  Magic  rating:pg  Historical  Bonds/Mates  Words:9000-12000  LauraHale 
7 days ago by hpfan_8890
It’s not like he’s more qualified than any of his classmates, just that the head of the School is an old friend of his father’s, listed as Henry in Lucius’ Blackberry although his given name is John. A nickname earned at the age of seventeen when they first found themselves at the end of a line of coke. Like the hoover. Get it?
Pretty good; have to be in a certain mood to read. 3k
HarryPotter  HarryPotterAU  Draco  Hermione  Cormac  Dramione  collegeAU  oneshot  AO3  author:witchsoup 
10 days ago by Red_Paladin6
The Wall
Hermione and Draco's Head common room has an unexpected and uncomfortable problem. 7th year AU.
Some smut; 17k oneshot
HarryPotter  Draco  Hermione  Dramione  oneshot  AO3  author:AmaliaIR 
10 days ago by Red_Paladin6
Blood and Fire - lq_traintracks (lumosed_quill) - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Harry has spent the last twelve years in Romania, not returning to England as often as he knows he should. It's complicated. But when Ginny asks him to be her best man and help her plan her wedding, he can't say no. Having a reckoning with his choices, with himself, won't be easy. To say nothing of seeing Draco again.
fanfic  harrypotter  harry/draco 
12 days ago by winekitteh
Flying - 'In Aeternum Fidelis'
Like a Snitch in the wind, Draco Malfoy chases after his ex-wife, Hermione Granger, zigging and zagging through their stormy history to catch her once more. With a little bit of help from Harry and Ron, maybe he'll actually win in the game of love for once.
Draco tries to convince Hermione he loves her, even after their divorce. Smut.
HarryPotter  Draco  Hermione  Harry  Ron  Dramione  AO3  author:RZZMG 
12 days ago by Red_Paladin6
Her head pounded after last night's activities but the most suprising thing to Hermione was that she woke up in bed together with a stranger.
Mentions of smut, mostly fluff. Written for pairing, no plot.
HarryPotter  Draco  Hermione  Dramione  oneshot  short  AO3  author:sxgittxrius 
12 days ago by Red_Paladin6
Murphy's Law
Murphy's law. Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Draco Malfoy learns this first hand as he attempts to court Hermione Granger.
Light-hearted fluff
HarryPotter  Hermione  Draco  Dramione  fluff  AO3  author:MrBenzedrine89 
13 days ago by Red_Paladin6
You've Got Served
a You've Got Mail AU where Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy are lawyers who manage to always be on opposing sides of the court, and moral standing. Yet, when their names are stripped down to ridiculous online usernames and they keep business separated from pleasure, they actually can stand one another- nay, like one another. How bothersome.
WIP  HarryPotter  Hermione  Draco  HarryPotterAU  Dramione  AO3  author:azcendio 
13 days ago by Red_Paladin6
A Tickling Encounter
Harry was sputtering as he tried to gather his wits about him, "I was going to ask Hermione for help and…and she was screaming!" Ginny's eyes went wide, "Screaming?" She covered her mouth. It appeared like she was shocked; unbeknownst to Harry, it was to cover her laughter. "Harry I don't really think—"
HarryPotter  Harry  Ginny  Draco  Hermione  Dramione  funny  fave  oneshot  AO3  author:DarkAngelofSorrowReturns 
13 days ago by Red_Paladin6

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