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Saras_Girl - Helix
Seven months after the end of the war, Harry is feeling lost. Fortunately, he is about to be offered an unexpected and sparkling chance to find himself again.
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6 weeks ago by silentfire
Saras_Girl - It Takes a Village
Eighth year isn’t exactly going to plan. Harry is definitely not running away, Draco is definitely not impressed, and it’s almost definitely not going to stop raining.
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7 weeks ago by silentfire
Saras_Girl - Talk to Me
When the usual channels of communication are shut down, the most surprising people can find a way in. A strange little love story.
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8 weeks ago by silentfire
lumosed_quill - Side-Along
If this wasn't a curse then it was Hell. Because surely, in Hell, all roads would lead to Harry Potter's living room.
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8 weeks ago by silentfire
Obliviate_Amores, lauren3210 - Find the Balance
After Harry gives Draco his wand and goes back to using his own, they both start having trouble making them work. Finding out why is a lot simpler than fixing the problem.
harrypotter  harry.potter/draco.malfoy  Obliviate_Amores  lauren3210  postcanon  ewe  hijinksensue  bonding  wc:10000-25000  saveme 
8 weeks ago by silentfire
femmequixotic, noe - Boom Clap (The Sound of My Heart)
Post-war Hogwarts has been energized by its new teaching fellows program. Where once bitter enmity divided the wizarding community, Malfoy and Potter chummily patrol hallways together whilst Granger and Zabini seek lost parts of the castle at McGonagall’s behest and Chang supervises Quidditch when not lecturing in Charms. It’s a veritable wizarding utopia and life is predictable for the first time in years. Which is, of course, when everything blows apart as the result of a drunken dare and Malfoy’s life is ruined beyond his capacity to repair it. Ever. In a million years.
harrypotter  harry.potter/draco.malfoy  femmequixotic  noe  postcanon  ewe  pining  ensemble  wc:25000-50000  saveme 
9 weeks ago by silentfire
femmequixotic, noe - Little Talks
Draco's been shagging the Head Auror for months now, and he's sure it's just a fling. Until Harry asks him to a Quidditch match, that is, and things go horribly wrong.
harrypotter  harry.potter/draco.malfoy  femmequixotic  noe  postcanon  ewe  kidfic  schmoop  friendswithbenefits  saveme  wc:10000-25000 
9 weeks ago by silentfire
lumosed_quill, traintracks - Something I Don't Want to Stop
It's Harry and Draco's eighth year, the Houses have been all but demolished in favor of unity, and they're being forced to room together. How ever will they cope?
harrypotter  harry.potter/draco.malfoy  lumosed_quill  traintracks  postcanon  ewe  fallinginlove  forcedproximity  wc:10000-25000  saveme 
10 weeks ago by silentfire
loveglowsinthedark - (Un)Calculated Risk
He thought about the way Harry looked at him, smiled at him; about the way Draco’s head was nearly always full of him, all day every day, and about the way Draco sometimes deliberately went to bed still smelling of him, refusing to acknowledge what it meant – because he already fucking knew what it meant. What all of it meant.

And then Draco decided, fuck it, he was going to risk it. They were going to risk it together, Harry and Draco.
harrypotter  harry.potter/draco.malfoy  loveglowsinthedark  postcanon  ewe  secretrelationship  comingout  schmoop  wc:5000-10000  saveme 
11 weeks ago by silentfire
firethesound - Lift Your Open Hand
With Draco Malfoy as his assigned partner for the next six weeks of Auror training, Harry had been prepared for things to go poorly. But getting themselves accidentally bonded to each other in the first twenty minutes of their very first assignment seemed going above and beyond, even for them.
harrypotter  harry.potter/draco.malfoy  firethesound  postcanon  ewe  bonding  forcedproximity  pining  wc:10000-25000  saveme 
11 weeks ago by silentfire
lauren3210 - Time and Again
Draco has an important research assignment, and he needs Auror protection. Harry’s a little concerned, not only because he can’t even pronounce the places Draco’s dragging him off to, but because there’s the slightestchance he might do something stupid, like tell Draco all about that little crush he’s been harbouring for a while now...
harrypotter  harry.potter/draco.malfoy  lauren3210  futurefic  ewe  casefic  hijinksensue  h/c  undertheinfluence  wc:25000-50000  saveme 
11 weeks ago by silentfire
Saras_Girl - Salt on the Western Wind
When the war isn’t quite as over as it first appears, a guilt-ridden Harry is sent to a mysterious safe-house. Among sandwiches, insomnia, and Mills & Boon, he discovers something quite unexpected.
harrypotter  harry.potter/draco.malfoy  saras_girl  postcanon  ewe  forcedproximity  bonding  pining  warning:homophobia  saveme  wc:50000-100000 
12 weeks ago by silentfire
SunseticMonster - Hey, Potter
Harry returns to Hogwarts for his 8th year, determined not to let Malfoy get to him. But when the snarky teasing starts up again, Harry finds that returning the jibes with compliments has a far more interesting outcome.
harrypotter  harry.potter/draco.malfoy  sunseticmonster  postcanon  ewe  wc:10000-25000  saveme 
12 weeks ago by silentfire
jadepresley - For the Greater Good
When Harry and Draco discover they’ve been bonded to one another, neither one of them is prepared for the secrets they slowly begin to uncover.

Together, they learn that they can’t escape their past, or the things that have been left hidden there, and that sometimes the only way to move forward is to look back.
harrypotter  harry.potter/draco.malfoy  jadepresley  ewe  postcanon  bonding  pining  amnesia  wizardry  wc:50000-100000  saveme 
june 2019 by silentfire
dracogotgame - All Roads Lead Home
Draco is strong-armed into spending the first Christmas after the War with the Weasleys. And Harry Potter.
harrypotter  harry.potter/draco.malfoy  dracogotgame  postcanon  ewe  holidayfic  familiesofchoice  wc:10000-25000  saveme 
june 2019 by silentfire
dracogotgame - The Owl Who Came for Christmas
Draco has a debt to pay off, no matter what Potter thinks. And he has a Very Good Idea to go along with it. Things don't go as planned.
harrypotter  harry.potter/draco.malfoy  dracogotgame  postcanon  ewe  holidayfic  animaltransformation  schmoop  secretadmirer  wc:10000-25000  saveme 
june 2019 by silentfire
dracogotgame - Professor Potter and his Magical Menagerie
Harry Potter descends on Hogwarts with a horde of magical beasts. Professor Malfoy is not amused.
harrypotter  harry.potter/draco.malfoy  dracogotgame  postcanon  ewe  schmoop  wc:5000-10000  saveme 
june 2019 by silentfire
taradiane - Love Comes Tumbling
Harry's thoughts were of how much he would have done differently with Malfoy over the years, and of Dumbledore's final words to the other boy . . . "It is my mercy, and not yours, that matters now." Maybe, Harry wondered, he could find some mercy, too, and give Malfoy the second chance that Dumbledore had believed him worthy of.
harrypotter  harry.potter/draco.malfoy  taradiane  postcanon  ewe  comingout  fallinginlove  declaration  warning:bullying  wc:10000-25000  saveme 
june 2019 by silentfire
orphan_account, ravenclawsquill - Strange Bedfellows
When Harry encounters a frail and fidgety Draco Malfoy at the Ministry, he just knowssomething is wrong and he’s determined to get to the bottom of it.

A story about Deadly Nightshade, crippling insomnia, excellent wine … and finding what you need in the strangest of circumstances.
orphanaccount  ravenclawsquill  harrypotter  harry.potter/draco.malfoy  h/c  addiction  bedsharing  fallinginlove  postcanon  wc:25000-50000  saveme 
june 2019 by silentfire

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