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Sing, My Little Sparrow
Ever since his divorce from Ginny, Harry’s been going to a particular nightclub in a seedy part of Glasgow to relax. The singer on Saturday nights is Scorpius Malfoy, and he absolutely sucks. Nonetheless, Harry keeps going back, but not because he’s falling for Scorpius, of course. No, of course not.

fanfic  oneshot  complete  slash  harry/scorpius  harrypotterseries  06/10 
september 2018 by excentryke
Seeking Scorpius
For Harry it’s love at first sight. Scorpius, however, requires some convincing. Lots of convincing. (Harry pursues Scorpius.)

[involves krumping, lol and VERY flamboyant Harry]
fanfic  harrypotterseries  oneshot  complete  harry/scorpius  slash  08/10 
september 2018 by excentryke
Take Him to the Stars (Cut to the Feeling)
Scorpius has a thing for older men. For one older man, in particular.
fanfic  oneshot  complete  slash  harrypotterseries  harry/scorpius  08/10 
september 2018 by excentryke
What He's Got Under His Shirt
Harry becomes obsessed with an erotic dancer before finding out who his father is.

Harry as Minister for Magic and married to Ginny.
fanfic  oneshot  complete  slash  harry/scorpius  05/10 
august 2018 by excentryke
I'll be Your Biggest Mistake
44 year old Harry drunkenly gives into the advances of Scorpius Malfoy; and ends up pregnant. He doesn't tell Scorpius.

MPREG, evil!Hugo, barren!Ginny
fanfic  oneshot  complete  slash  harry/scorpius  06/10 
august 2018 by excentryke
It Started with a Lie
Healer Harry Potter has always wanted a family and his wife of fifteen years, Ginny Weasley, has continuously stated that she "isn't ready". This has made their once fairy-tale romance a contemptuous cesspool, into which sneaks Scorpius Malfoy, Healer intern and Malfoy heir, determined to give the man everything his wife refuses.
fanfic  oneshot  complete  harrypotterseries  slash  harry/ginny  harry/scorpius  07/10 
august 2018 by excentryke
Aubade - Melusinahp - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
You'd think Scorpius would know better than to mess around with unfamiliar magical objects.
Harry/Scorpius  wip 
may 2012 by daisyink
Dysfunction by SnarkyScorp
Harry has an ED issue. He visits a healer who, er, talks him through it.
harrypotter  harry/scorpius  slash  smut  pwp  rating:nc-17  pov:harry  words:1k-5k  dirtytalk  post-dhepi 
january 2012 by Thraesja
Getting Hard by sneguorchka_lee (Harry/Scorpius, NC-17)
Scorpius always preferred to do it now, now, and then maybe again in twenty minutes, but Harry took forever. Slowly, though, Scorpius is beginning to see the appeal of being patient.
harry/scorpius  snegurochka_lee  nc-17  hotsex  hp 
september 2011 by bewarethesmirk

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