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Play a Chord - spibsy (lucy_and_ramona) - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
As it turns out, being best friends with kissing doesn't really change their relationship.
1D  Harry/Louis  author:spibsy  rating:t  5.000-15.000 
may 2019 by nymeriahale
In Like a Lion - Cori Lannam (corilannam) - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Of all the frozen yoghurt joints in all the world, he walked into Louis'.

Or, Louis got over Harry a long time ago. Sort of.
one.direction  harry/louis  fanfiction  5000-10000  breakup 
august 2018 by blue6545
Hiding Out in the Kitchen - LittleMousling - One Direction
Harry's in an internationally famous boyband with his three best mates, he gets laid on a pretty regular basis, and he's headed to Australia in a week. He doesn't need anything else, and he certainly doesn't need a boyfriend. If this nice guy he met in a coffeeshop wants to date him, great—but that's all it is. Right?
1D  harry/louis 
september 2017 by abriata
nothing else will do - gravitycentered - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Since she’s been thinking about it nearly all the fucking time, she has to ask someone impartial, “Is that weird? That I haven’t?”

Though she can tell that he tries to remain neutral, Louis sees from his face that it is quite weird. “Um,” he mumbles at first, attempting to look thoughtful. “I… don’t know.”

“So that’s a yes.”


Louis has never had an orgasm. Harry thinks she deserves one.
Fic  Read  harry/louis  explicit  gravitycentered  genderswap  girl!louis  cunnilingus  first_time  fwb 
july 2017 by unapologetic_thirst
This Wicked Game - cherrystreet - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
An AU in which The Bachelor is gay, Louis is a contestant, Harry is the bachelor, everyone drinks a lot of champagne, the entire world gets to watch them fall in love, and no one plays by the rules.
slash  one-direction  harry/louis 
may 2017 by scarface133
even if it's just in your wildest dreams - rumpledlinen - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Louis misses going down on Eleanor. They make it work.

(saskia asked for harry/louis/taylor/eleanor oral. this is sort of that.)
Fic  Read  harry/louis  louis/eleanor  mature  rumpledlinen  cunnilingus  fingering 
april 2017 by unapologetic_thirst
The One Where Zayn's a Solo Hip-Hop Artist and Liam is a Big Fan - luxover - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Liam really, really wants to go to the Zayn concert that night, but he’s stuck working, and Louis can’t cover his shift because it’s his mom’s birthday, and no one else wanted to cover for him because they’re all terrible coworkers who are actually going to be at the concert. There’s nothing that Liam can do about it, and so he should stop complaining.
onedirection  au  liam/zayn  harry/louis 
february 2017 by simplyjinspirational
fortune's fools - dramaturgicallycorrect - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
It's about respecting the night and the reason they've come together. It's a rite of passage, as it were, a symbol of status, and that's the only thing that keeps Louis from skiving off and going for a run with Liam.

And he knows Lottie would chew off his left arm if he kept her away from the first All Hallows' Ball she's eligible for. So he keeps himself plastered to her side as soon as they step into the foyer, works hard at keeping his claws at bay once they're behind enemy lines. It’s a hard habit to unlearn, but he’s trying.

Louis likes an armistice as much as the next lad, but until he sees some sort formal treaty, he generally trusts the vamps about as far as he can throw them. Which is, admittedly, quite far, but not far enough. He's here to represent the pack, and that's all. He won't pick a fight. But he will finish one if it starts, he has to. The war resumes at sunrise anyway.


[Or, two immortal households, both alike in dignity.]
Fic  Read  harry/louis  general  dramaturgicallycorrect  werewolf_au  vampire_au 
december 2016 by unapologetic_thirst
laid at your feet - colourexplosion - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Harry Styles tries her best to be a good, God-loving person. She goes to church every Sunday, youth group every Wednesday and sings in her best friend Louis’ Christian girl band some mornings at assembly of her Christian private school. She wears her clothes exactly to dress code and she prays every night before bed and she has premarital sex with her boyfriend Liam when God tells her to.


Or, a Saved!au
Fic  Read  harry/louis  mature  colourexplosion  saved_au  novena  girl!harry  girl!louis  genderswap 
october 2016 by unapologetic_thirst
This Shifting Ground - zarah5 - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
University AU. In which Louis, law student, is the cheeky waiter to Harry’s dates. This is how it starts.
harry/louis  author:zarah5  onedirection  theme:restaurant  theme:university 
august 2016 by twirlingsparkles
Only Look Ahead
Dear Olive,

May I call you Olive? I thought it would be a nice nickname for you. A friend of mine drew you as a happy little olive, anyway.

There are so many people who are very excited at your arrival, and it seems apt that you sensed it and graced us with your presence a bit early. I know your dad is very happy to meet you. Surely you’re the best birthday and Christmas present he’s ever received. He’s one of the greatest people I know, and I’m sure you share lots of his better qualities. (Hopefully not his smelly feet.)

I hope you enjoy your flowers, and I hope to meet you soon.

All my love,



this fic was sickening in how cute it was. It took a while to get going but after that I was just :D :D :D
harry/louis  hostagesfic 
august 2016 by the_wild_son
Pull Me Under - zarah5 - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
AU. As the first British footballer to come out at the prime of his career, it helps that Louis Tomlinson is in a long-term, committed relationship. Even if that relationship is fake. (Featuring Niall as Louis' favourite teammate, Liam as Louis' agent, and Zayn as Liam's boyfriend, who just happens to be good friends with one Harry Styles.)
au  fic  onedirection  fakedating  liam/zayn  harry/louis 
july 2016 by clickswing
service - gravitycentered - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Honestly, it’s hard for Louis to focus on chore days. He isn’t doing the work, but he still has to come up with enough tasks to keep Harry busy; most of his time is spent wondering if it’d be dull for him to have Harry clean the kitchen floors again, or if it’s too much to ask him to rearrange all the guest room furniture by himself. It’s almost like a game from his point of view, playing around with ways to keep Harry occupied. He’d told Louis early on, blushing dark when Louis suggested Harry simply clean out his own closet, ”I don’t want to just do things, I want to do things for you,” so every time he wakes up to Harry willing and waiting, he does what he can to give him the tasks that’ll benefit himself.
harry/louis  mature  gravitycentered  service_kink 
may 2016 by unapologetic_thirst
it felt like home with you - rumpledlinen - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Louis heads out without another word, banging his fist loudly on the door and yelling, “Harry!”

There’s no answer.

“Harry, for fuck’s sake, open the door!” Louis yells again, banging louder this time. The thought strikes him, hot and terrifying, that Harry’s gone too, that he’s decided to fuck off with Zayn, but --

There’s a soft click of a door down the hall and Harry pokes his head out, dressed only in one of Niall’s shirts and a pair of pants. Louis stares at his thighs, doesn’t have anything to blame but himself, not the liquor, not the hour.

“What on earth,” Harry mumbles, rubbing his eyes and walking toward Louis. “Why are you shouting? It’s -- s’the middle of the night,” he says, voice going whiny at the end like it used to (still does).

“Come here,” Louis says, flapping his hands at him. “Get -- here, inside, I need to talk to you.”


or: Zayn's gone, and Louis won't let himself lose Harry as well.
Fic  Read  harry/louis  general  rumpledlinen  fluffy_angst 
april 2016 by unapologetic_thirst

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