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Empire of Albion - HeruKane
500k Series of stories. Summary: We will be following the life of a more intelligent and powerful Harry Potter, one who seems to be constantly tested by Fate, Destiny, and Magic. This story follows him through his Hogwarts years and the friendships, connections, and powerful decisions he makes along the way. It will also see him taking his place among the elite of the magical world, that of the Empire of Albion.
HP  AU  Harry/Charlie  HeruKane  Unread 
september 2018 by Meri_oddities
Harry Potter and Charlie Weasley: Serpents Worldwide
Harry Potter has just saved the Wizarding World at the age of 17 and has returned home to Number 12. What will he do with his life? Will a new adventure have him second guessing who he thinks he is?;;; SPOILERS: Harry realizes he's gay and likes Charlie. Molly, Ron, and Ginny do not approve. Hermione leaves Ron because of his attitude, Ginny tries to potion Harry, and he and Charlie are separated from most of the family. Together, they fight serpents bred by lingering DEs. Good action, okay smut, many typos. Good story.
fandom:HP  harry/charlie  multi_chapter  post-war  weasley!bashing  >100K  Jamesdude08 
december 2017 by trd9091
No Other Way
The war rages on and a possible solution for the Light shows itself. And yes it is one of those forced bonding fics. *grin* ;;; SPOILERS: Harry's magic is blocked and he must bond to kill Tom. Great lead-up, good first time, well done story.
fandom:HP  harry/charlie  multi_chapter  war_era  bond  10K-25K  Minxie  fluff 
october 2017 by trd9091
Tired of Hiding
Harry loves a certain redhead...But how long can he live with hiding their love from his friends and family?;;; Very sweet
fandom:HP  harry/charlie  one-shot  post-hogwarts  post-war  <5K  antoinettedarling  fluff 
september 2017 by trd9091
Snape's real agenda
When Harry hears something about his mother and Snape he decides to confront the man that he believed had been helping all these years because of his love for Lily Potter.;;; SPOILERS: Post-war Harry learns that Severus lived. He also learns that he had saved his mother years ago, brainwashed her, and was now married to her. Harry saves his mother and puts Severus in jail. Okay story!
fandom:HP  harry/charlie  multi_chapter  post-hogwarts  post-war  phoenixgirl26  25K-50K 
august 2017 by trd9091
Star Hawk
Harry and Charlie get caught in bed by Ginny which caused Harry to leave the Burrow and Charlie to leave the country. Harry feels hurt that Charlie deserted him, so from then on, Harry decides to leave the magical world. One thing brings him back, his friends are getting married.;;; After Fred's funeral, Charlie becomes Harry's first as he just realized he's gay. They find comfort together and fall for each other. This changes when Ginny walks in, and being Ginny, throws a fit. Even though they haven't dated since Albus' funeral, she says Charlie 'stole' Harry from her. Harry is asked to leave, and Charlie goes back to Romania. Both are angry that the other 'left' and they move on for 3 years until Ron and Hermione's wedding when they rediscover their love with help of a star hawk. Good story.
fandom:HP  harry/charlie  multi_chapter  post-hogwarts  post-war  phoenixgirl26  10K-25K 
august 2017 by trd9091
Dragon Singer
"When Charlie Weasley begins working at the Romanian reserve, he has no idea what a Dragon Singer is or how important the one that lives there will soon be to him." (51,296 words) An unusual and interesting story. Note the warnings - the first chapter is quite dark, but the story lightens up significantly after that.
harry_potter  charlie_weasley  sirius_black  severus_snape  albus_dumbledore  harry/charlie  sirius/severus  bamf!harry  creature!harry  dragonrider!harry  feral!harry  hurt!harry  abused!harry  raped!harry  kidnapped!harry  protective!charlieweasley  protective!sirius  protective!severus  asshole!dumbledore  action  hurt/comfort  humor  dragons  abuse:child  noncon/dubcon  kidnapping  escape/rescue  underage  slowburn  bonding/soulmates  first_time  fandom:harrypotter  author:nahiel  have:pdf 
may 2017 by elwarre
The Art Of Deception
When Harry returns to Hogwarts with his friends so they can finish their last year, from the very first night things are not what they seemed.;;; SPOILERS: Harry realizes he's gay and gets with Charlie. After returning to Hogwarts and thwarting yet another plot (Umbridge), everyone realizes Harry needs time away. So the duo travels and return expecting twins. Sweet story.
fandom:HP  harry/charlie  multi_chapter  post-war  25K-50K  phoenixgirl26  mpreg  marriage 
january 2017 by trd9091
Seventh child - first story
The first of three stories about what happens when the seventh child of a pureblood family asks for and will be granted anything they want. Read what Harry Potter does when that seventh child forces him into marriage. Warning: slash, Harry/Charlie.;;; SPOILERS: Harry is with Charlie and Ginny evokes the '7th Child Law' where what she asks for on her 17th birthday she will get. Harry doesn't want to marry her so they find a loophole and he marries Charlie first and she is still his wife but gets nothing. Severus is helpful. Rating for language - implied slash only. Bashing Hermione and Weasleys but Charlie
fandom:HP  harry/charlie  Rated:R  multi_chapter  post-war  marriage  weasley!bashing  10K-25K  phoenixgirl26 
may 2016 by trd9091
The Last Burning Day
One-shot of the 'Unlocking Harry Potter' universe. Self-explanatory from the title. ;;; The bitter-sweet end.
fandom:HP  harry/charlie  post-war  one-shot  sarini  Rated:PG   
august 2015 by trd9091
Closing the Door
Sequel to 'Finding the Key'. I think Black is still alive. Severus thought he might forever regret those words. The wizarding world is in trouble again, only now Harry can't save them. Severus/Remus
fandom:HP  harry/charlie  mentor_snape  post-war  multi_chapter  powerful!harry  sarini   
august 2015 by trd9091
Finding the Key
equel to Unlocking Harry Potter. No HBP. Severus Snape is no longer a spy and has officially acknowledged Harry Potter as his son. Just when it looks like things are getting better for Harry..
fandom:HP  harry/charlie  mentor_snape  war_era  multi_chapter  powerful!harry  sarini   
august 2015 by trd9091
Unlocking Harry Potter
Severus has been having dreams, dreams so real they feel like memories. What is his mind telling him? Severitus with a twist.;;; SPOILERS: Harry's magic is blocked because of the Dursleys. He is an empath - along with Charlie. Severus was bonded to James and they are both Harry's father.
fandom:HP  mentor_snape  harry/charlie  multi_chapter  war_era  Rated:R  sarini  powerful!harry   
august 2015 by trd9091
The Dragon and the Pygmy Puff
Harry as a row with his girlfriend, gets a tattoo, and discovers that denial isn’t just a river in Egypt.
harrypotter  harry/charlie 
december 2014 by georgia_delany
Order of the Dragon
When Harry Potter starts coming into his full wizarding powers too early, what better way to stabilize his magic than a full marriage bond? Certain Weasley brothers can't stand to see Harry manipulated any longer, and suddenly plans change. Eventual Harry/Charlie, Fred/George, Sirius/? Begins after Harry's fourth year, but only VERY loosely follows plot after that point. Abuse
harrypotter  harry/charlie 
september 2013 by georgia_delany
Harry Potter Kinkfest
Harry’s never had “The Talk”, and after a careful process of elimination he’s left with Charlie… things don’t exactly go as planned.
Potterverse  po  harry/charlie  kink:virgin  first-time  from delicious
august 2012 by coveredinbeez
Dark and Light
He was a genius. He could paint, play music, talk to snakes, control fire. He was more powerful and intelligent then any knew. He had strong 'friends'. The problem was, he had few emotions.
harrypotter  dark!harry  slash  powerful!harry  action  sociopath  animagus  artandmusicality  au  bamf  chan  childabuse  death  family!fic  friendship!fic  fuckbuddies  funny  harry/bill  harry/charlie  harry/hedwig  harry/luna  harry/omc  harry/other  harry/severus  harry/voldemort  immortal!character  independent!harry  intrigue  kickass  kink  long  mental!health  murder  nonhuman  on!ffnet  remus/sirius  remus/tonks  romance  slavery  slyandcunning  smut  thisisdifferent  threesome  virgin!character  world!building    complete 
july 2012 by Severusslave

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