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Third Avenue El : Davidson (Carson) : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
Impressionistic picture of the Third Avenue Elevated Railway in Manhattan, New York City, before it was demolished.
nyc  to  watch  subway  harriet 
august 2012 by evesley
Okay Type: The Harriet Series
From the site: “[30 months in the making, Jackson Cavanaugh’s] Harriet Series is a rational serif family. It’s a contemporary reflection of the serifs popular in mid-20th-century American and English design. Harriet draws inspiration from both transitional faces, such as Baskerville, and modern faces, such as Century, at the same time it is unburdened by any particular historical model. The display styles give it just enough exuberance to sparkle while the diligent, sturdy text styles make it a true workhorse.”
tn80  typedia  typography  type  typeface  okaytype  jacksoncavanaugh  rational  serif  harriet 
february 2012 by splorp
The Harriet Series
A superfine font family. / via @jessicahische
type  harriet  font  from delicious
february 2012 by glass
The Conscience of the Queen
It was not curiosity but fear that caused Lady Peter Wimsey--nee Miss Harriet Vane--to open the plain envelope that lay at the bottom of the stack by her plate.
Yuletide  Sayers  Harriet 
september 2011 by mskitsch
The Gates of Downing Street [find-rightbrain]
Harriet meets someone in front of Downing Street, and is reminded of herself.
fanfic  gen  ficlet(500-5000)  Harriet  Master  doctorwho 
september 2011 by Presto.Cadenza
A Proportional Response [find-rightbrain]
Yvonne wasn't even supposed to be here today, but certain things will derail your plans. Like alien crash landings, the explosion of Downing Street, and Harriet Jones.
fanfic  ficlet(500-5000)  Harriet/Yvonne  Yvonne  Harriet  doctorwho 
september 2011 by Presto.Cadenza

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