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What NOT to Do When Being Bullied at Work | ToughNickel
You're being outcast, alienated, ignored, or excluded. You get left out of meetings or events; you're the butt of jokes, false rumors about you are being spread, or co-workers avoid interacting with you.
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8 weeks ago by jstenner
RT : I wrote a promoting op-ed on Sunday and began immediately. I now have a safety plan…
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march 2019 by CamiloEL
The Challenge of Preserving the Historical Record of #MeToo | The New Yorker
“It’s not the job of the archivist or librarian to try to answer questions like ‘Is #MeToo a movement?’ or impose our own conceptual framework on this material,” Jane Kelly, the Web-archiving assistant who harvests the bulk of the actual posts and pages, said. “My interpretation is a moot point.” But in this case the collectors can’t help but be curators, judging where #MeToo ends and where every other discussion of women, work, harassment, and violence begins.
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march 2019 by amkelly

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