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A Garden Inclosed by 3littleowls, beaubete
When the Dowager Queen makes Q an offer he never expects, he must choose between the life he's always assumed he'd have—a wife, a normal family, and a shop of his own—or life as the king's pampered—and paid for—pet.
007  00q  harem  Marriage  Bond/Q  James.Bond(Daniel.Craig)  arranged.marriage 
april 2019 by allhoneyboo
Feynite: I Wish You Were My Husband (The Scum Villain's Self-Saving System, Shen Yuan | Shen Qingqiu/Luo Binghe, Shen Yuan | Shen Qingqiu/Liu Qingge, Original Shen Qingqiu/Yue Qingyuan, Harem AU, part 1 in the SV Wishes series)
Wherein Shen Yuan transmigrates into a harem intrigues romance novel (gay edition), Yue Qingyuan really fucks up, Liu Qingge is not suitable for his job, and no one even remotely sees Luo Binghe coming.

AU based on The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir (familiarity with that story's not required).
fic  scumvillain  luobinghe/shenqingqiu  shenqingqiu/liuqingge  au  harem  transmigration  wip  oblivious  grief  pining  funny  sweet  series 
january 2019 by elise.grey
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Pants vs. Pants - When it comes to workout gear, everyone has an opinion. Who is right?…
Yoga  Harem  from twitter
december 2017 by musclepride
Top 10 Best Ecchi Anime EVER | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Top rated 10 Very best Ecchi Anime Ever If you want to donate you can do that right here: http://ift.tt/2qtCHnE My fb site:http://ift.tt/2vKS64I ————————————– Hey men what’s up,new online video right here and now about best 10 most effective ecchi anime ever element 2 ! This is my particular checklist and opinion so you don’t […]
IFTTT  WordPress  Anime  anime1  anime2  anime3  anime4  anime5  anime6  anime7  anime8  anime9  best  ecchi  epic  harem  Manga  romance  top  5 
august 2017 by wotek
Slave for Love
Jared is a reporter who will do anything for a story. When his plane crashes during an important job he finds himself in the Harem of a notorious sheik – Jensen. Eroticism, sex and love may follow!
j2  jensen/jared  bottom!jared  top!jensen  emotionally!hurt!jensen  NC-17  dub-con  harem  romance  slave!fic  slave!jared 
september 2016 by Misspookielo
The Golden Cage
Jared Padalecki was on the adventure of a lifetime before settling into the drudgery of life as a clerk in his father's company. But as he traverses the Arabian Peninsula, his caravan is attacked and he ends up the property of Sheikh Ankour, forced to bend to the man's every whim.

More terrible is the fact that Jared knew the sheikh as Jensen Ackles when they met in England two years prior and had fallen in love. However, because of the Padalecki patriarch's racism and a tragic twist of fate, Jensen left, quite certain that Jared was as hateful as his sire.

Jensen can't believe his luck when the very boy who broke his heart ends up at his feet, completely at his mercy. Too bad for Jared that Jensen has none to spare...
j2  jensen/jared  bottom!jared  top!jensen  favorite  NC-17  mpreg  dub-con  kidnapped!jared  first-time  virgin!jared  possessive!jensen  hurt/comfort  hurt!jared  emotionally!hurt!jared  emotionally!hurt!jensen  marking/tattooing  harem 
june 2016 by Misspookielo

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