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Who-T: Understanding HID report descriptors
As said above, the purpose of HID is to make devices describe themselves in a generic manner so that you can have a single driver handle any input device. The idea is that the host parses that standard protocol and knows exactly how the device will behave. This has worked out great, we only have around 200 files dealing with vendor- and hardware-specific HID quirks as of v4.20.

HID messages are Reports. And to know what a Report means and how to interpret it, you need a Report Descriptor. That Report Descriptor is static and contains a series of bytes detailing "what" and "where", i.e. what a sequence of bits represents and where to find those bits in the Report. So let's try and parse one of Report Descriptors, let's say for a fictional mouse with a few buttons. How exciting, we're at the forefront of innovation here.

The Report Descriptor consists of a bunch of Items. A parser reads the next Item, processes the information within and moves on. Items are small (1 byte header, 0-4 bytes payload) and generally only apply exactly one tiny little bit of information. You need to accumulate several items to build up enough information to actually know what's happening.
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11 minutes ago by euler
Notebookcheck's Top 10 Tablets under 250 Euros
a decent list of low-end tablets, given the season
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17 minutes ago by jm
Hardware – Augmented Reality Sandbox
An AR Sandbox requires the following hardware components:
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16 hours ago by basemaly
Comparison between: 28" Samsung U28E590D, 28" Samsung U28D590D, 28" Asus PB287Q, 28" AOC U2868PQU
Comparison between: 28" Samsung U28E590D, 28" Samsung U28D590D, 28" Asus PB287Q, 28" AOC U2868PQU
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18 hours ago by mvpittman
Bunk | The magical wireless battery pack
I upvoted Bunk on Product Hunt: 100% wireless, hot-swappable smartphone battery ⚡️ https://ift.tt/2QHnUTn at December 10, 2018 at 08:17AM
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21 hours ago by iamthefury

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