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Geoff Greer's site: Thinkpad X62
Ubuntu 17.04 worked out of the box, but there was one annoyance: battery life. For some reason, the laptop was using 10 watts at idle. Thanks to some forum posts, I managed to tweak various kernel module options and got idle down to 4 watts. This drastically improved battery life. I then put together a script to enable power savings on startup. These tweaks should benefit most Linux users on modern Intel hardware:
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10 hours ago by rootis0
10 Tech Products Ideas [September 2017] – Hacker Noon
Everyday I try to think of 10 ideas. Sometimes interesting, sometimes thought provoking, and often enough pretty stupid. The point is to get the brain thinking, to exercise the brain muscle. None of…
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22 hours ago by gilberto5757
Maker / technology show / website / project.
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23 hours ago by edzard
Volta V - A Powerful, Beautiful Computer
Inspired by the simple beauty of handmade hardwood furniture, Volta V is the first commercially-produced handcrafted wooden computer. The unibody chassis is made from domestically sourced selectively-cut trees in the USA
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yesterday by nhirschler

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