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Email, chat, VoIP, web sites, file synchronisation, wikis, blogs, social networks, media hosting, backups, VPN. Freedombone enables you to do all of that in a self-hosted way, where you keep control of your data and it resides in your own home.
hardware  privacy 
yesterday by icheyne
Cumulus Networks - Web-scale networking for bare-metal switches
Web-scale networking for bare-metal switches. Bringing web-scale networking to enterprise cloud.
networking  Linux  opensource  hardware  operating-systems 
yesterday by liqweed
[1603.08270] Convolutional Networks for Fast, Energy-Efficient Neuromorphic Computing
Deep networks are now able to achieve human-level performance on a broad spectrum of recognition tasks. Independently, neuromorphic computing has now demonstrated unprecedented energy-efficiency through a new chip architecture based on spiking neurons, low precision synapses, and a scalable communication network. Here, we demonstrate that neuromorphic computing, despite its novel architectural primitives, can implement deep convolution networks that i) approach state-of-the-art classification accuracy across 8 standard datasets, encompassing vision and speech, ii) perform inference while preserving the hardware's underlying energy-efficiency and high throughput, running on the aforementioned datasets at between 1200 and 2600 frames per second and using between 25 and 275 mW (effectively > 6000 frames / sec / W) and iii) can be specified and trained using backpropagation with the same ease-of-use as contemporary deep learning. For the first time, the algorithmic power of deep learning can be merged with the efficiency of neuromorphic processors, bringing the promise of embedded, intelligent, brain-inspired computing one step closer.
deep-learning  neural-networks  review  optimization  algorithms  hardware 
yesterday by Vaguery
alevchuk/vim-clutch: A hardware pedal for improved text editing in Vim
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
vim  editor  pedal  hardware  programming 
yesterday by e2b
NSynth Super
NSynth Super is part of an ongoing experiment by Magenta: a research project within Google that explores how machine learning tools can help artists create art and music in new ways.
audio  hardware  ai  music  synthesizer  google  cool  opensource 
yesterday by wjy
Puck.js - the JavaScript Bluetooth Beacon
An Open Source JavaScript microcontroller you can program and debug wirelessly.
hardware  iot  javascript 
yesterday by kslimbs
KeyMouse® - The Keyboard and Mouse Re-invented!
Keyboard and Mouse re-invented! Keep your hands in typing position while moving the mouse. High speed Bluetooth + USB.
hardware  keyboard  mouse  ergonomic  hci  input 
2 days ago by XedMada
HPE Nimble Storage Solutions: Predictive Flash Storage Arrays | HPE™
When apps slow down, you’ve hit the app-data gap. HPE Nimble Storage leverages flash storage and predictive analytics to deliver greater than 99.9999% guaranteed availability.2 But faster storage alone isn’t enough, because 54% of issues aren’t directly caused by storage.1
nimble  hardware  storage  enterprise 
2 days ago by dannypyoung
Why Hasn’t Samsung Ditched the Headphone Jack Yet?
"As much as AirPods are better (and cheaper) than standard Bluetooth earbuds, there is seemingly nothing *close* to Lightning EarPods on the market for USB-C. AirPods get all the attention, but Lightning EarPods are even further ahead of their USB-C competition. The proprietary nature of Lightning allowed Apple to make sure it was ready to serve as the wired audio connector for iPhones when Apple wanted it to be. Keep that in mind the next time you wonder why Apple doesn’t drop Lightning for USB-C."
a:John-Gruber★★★  p:Daring-Fireball★★★  d:2018.03.14  w:1000  iPhone  Android  hardware 
2 days ago by bankbryan

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