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How to Replace a Failed Hard Drive in Your Synology NAS
It’s never fun when a hard drive dies, but Synology at least makes it pretty easy to replace a dead drive in your NAS. You can get back up and running without much fuss. Here’s how to do it.
synology  nas  harddrives  server 
9 weeks ago by mikalgilmore
linux - Removing vg and lv after physical drive has been removed - Server Fault
"That did the trick. It's too bad LVM is such a leaky abstraction." Or in my words "I wish the client had just used FreeBSD and ZFS"
lvm  linux  harddrives 
april 2018 by rubenerd
How to Get Premium Hard Drives for Cheap by “Shucking” External Drives
The original meaning of “shucking” is to remove the shuck, or outer protective layer, from food like corn and shellfish with the ultimate goal of getting to the delicious stuff inside. The process of shucking external hard drives keeps with that theme: the goal is to remove the protective plastic shell to get to the delicious high quality drive inside.
HowTo  Hardware  HardDrives  HDDs  EHDs  HowToGeek  Technology 
march 2018 by dk33per
Misc Tech: HP Microserver Gen8 - Boot from 5th SATA ODD Port using USB + GRUB
Another way to boot, instead of assigning the ODD port drive as a single drive bootable RAID on the controller.
harddrives  guides  microserver  hp  hpe  servers  booting 
november 2017 by rubenerd
Storage Spaces Overview
Storage Spaces enables cost-effective, highly available, scalable, and flexible storage solutions for business-critical (virtual or physical) deployments. Storage Spaces delivers sophisticated storage virtualization capabilities, which empower customers to use industry-standard storage for single computer and scalable multi-node deployments. It is appropriate for a wide range of customers, including enterprise and cloud hosting companies, which use Windows Server for highly available storage that can cost-effectively grow with demand.
Windows  PC  PCGaming  Technology  Virtualization  Computers  Computing  HDDs  HardDrives  EHD  SSDs  Reference  Microsoft  Windows8  Windows10 
september 2017 by dk33per
DFSee disk, partition and filesystem tool
Утилита для работы с логическими разделами дисков и файловыми системами. DFSee выполняет такие операции как:

просмотр и анализ данных на диске
создание, удаление, перемещение, изменение размеров разделов
клонирование, создание образов дисков
восстановление испорченной структуры файловой системы
восстановление удаленных файлов
надежное удаление данных
и т.д.
В чем-то DFSee напоминает PQ PartitionMagic, в чем-то не имеет аналогов.
recovery  software  harddrives  mustknow 
august 2017 by diam0nd

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