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2.5" harddisc housing, w/o HDMI
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december 2018 by tp78
Seagate Backup Plus Portable Slim 2TB - Dixons
STDR2000200 – Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB USB3 zwart. Eenvoudig en automatisch back-ups maken van je digitale leven, op je computer en mobiele apparaten en in de cloud. Amper 1cm dun en lichter dan 160 gram.
june 2015 by camiels
The Ultimate Hard Drive Test: What Hard Drive is Best?
Erfahrungsbericht von www.backblaze.com zu eingesetzten Festplatten und ihre Ausfallrate.
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january 2015 by salomon74
How to Fix a Clicking Hard Drive | eHow.com
Even though a clicking noise coming from your hard drive sounds like an annoyance, it actually means you have a severe problem. It's always recommended that you replace it to eliminate new issues from happening. However, if you feel comfortable playing around inside, you might be able to fix a clicking hard drive on your own
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september 2012 by nth
Hard Drive Makes a Clicking Sound
Generally a clicking sound coming from your hard drive is a Bad Omen. It could be a harbinger of horrific hardware happenings, so my immediate advice is "BACKUP YOUR HARD DRIVE!" as soon as possible. If the drive fails, you're out of luck. In fact, even if you don't suspect a problem with your hard drive, it's wise to make regular backups so you can survive a hard drive failure with only minimal inconvenience. See my article Backing Up Your Files to learn about backup strategies, hardware and software.
failure  harddisc  howto  data  recover  CLICKING  HARDDRIVE  from delicious
september 2012 by nth
Hard Drive Data Recovery - How to Recover Data from a Dead Hard Drive - Popular Mechanics
If the components in your drive are still functioning, you can recover the data yourself. If there's mechanical damage, send it to the pros. PM's complete guide to getting your files back.
harddisc  harddrive  tips  howto  data  recovery  computer  from delicious
september 2012 by nth
Hard Disk Drive Duplicator (1:1): Samurai Jr.| HDD Duplication | Ji2
The Jinja successor Data Duplicator.

Samurai Jr. is all-in-one interface hard drisk testing, wiping, duplication, analysis and forensic acquisition equipment. Interface support includes SAS, Fibre Channel, SCSI and SATA/ATA. Built on a native SAS platform with 2 ports (1:1 duplication), Samurai Jr. Y-3020 is lightweight and compact enough to be carried to any location. The base unit is shipped with SAS/SATA/ATA configuration, and customers can opt for SCSI and Fibre Channel modules separately. With maximum duplication speeds of 18 GB/minute and advanced bad sector handling, Samurai Jr. is in a league of its own compared to PC or software-based duplicators.
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june 2012 by dza

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