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French 'MeToo' creator Sandra Muller 'sued for defamation' - BBC News
Useful counter argument: In some cases, #sexual #harassment can go too far #metoo
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yesterday by csrollyson
Scarlett Johansson to James Franco: 'I want my pin back'
The actress said the experience of being sexualized so young by fans, commentators and the industry in which she worked, caused her to "reject any role that even had a kissing scene. ... In interviews, I emphasized how bookish I was and how serious I was. I built a reputation for basically being prudish, conservative, nerdy, serious, in an attempt to feel that my body was safe and my voice would be listened to."
yesterday by craniac
Les filles et la cybersécurité
Site web de ressources s'adressant aux filles, aux parents et intervenantEs du secteur de l'éducation, pour prévenir le harcèlement et les violences envers les filles en ligne.
filles  web  girls  securite  security  violence  cyberbullying  cybercrime  harcelement  harassment 
2 days ago by kmo
Mythcommunication: It’s Not That They Don’t Understand, They Just Don’t Like The Answer |
As we’ve seen, the literal meaning of a message is only one aspect of the message, and the way it’s delivered can signal something entirely different.  Rapists are not missing the literal meaning, I think it’s clear.  What they’re doing is ignoring the literal message (refusal) and paying very close attention to the meta-message.  I tell my niece, “if a guy offers to buy you a drink and you say no, and he pesters you until you say okay, what he wants for his money is to find out if you can be talked out of no.”  The rapist doesn’t listen to refusals, he probes for signs of resistance in the meta-message, the difference between a target who doesn’t want to but can be pushed, and a target who doesn’t want to and will stand by that even if she has to be blunt.  It follows that the purpose of setting clear boundaries is not to be understood — that’s not a problem — but to be understood to be too hard a target.
rape  rape.culture  rapists  harassment  No  communication 
2 days ago by Quercki
Aziz, We Tried to Warn You - The New York Times
It may seem like rules around sex have changed overnight, but feminists have been talking about this for a long time.
abuse  harassment  lindywest  feminism  culture  azizansari 
4 days ago by sasha_feather
N.Y. has paid millions to settle sex harassment lawsuits - NY Daily News
In the past 10 years, the state has paid at least $2.4 million to settle 19 lawsuits involving allegations of sex harassment, sex assault or sex discrimination at SUNY or CUNY colleges, according to records obtained from the state attorney general’s office.

City University of New York colleges accounted for nine of the settlements, while State University of New York schools made up the other 10.
cuny  suny  higher-ed  sexual-assault  harassment 
8 days ago by StJohnBosco
Male Models Say Mario Testino and Bruce Weber Sexually Exploited Them - The New York Times
In accounts going back to the mid-1990s, 13 male assistants and models who have worked with the photographer Mario Testino, a favorite of the English royal family and Vogue,
8 days ago by craniac

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