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Zoë Quinn on Surviving Gamergate and the Internet Trolls
Gradually, many of the accounts that had been obsessed with Quinn and ethics in video-game journalism changed their avatars to Pepe the Frog, tweeted about #MAGA, and explored white nationalism.
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yesterday by campylobacter
The long-term cost of sexual harassment | TechCrunch
When news recently broke that multiple women have accused 500 Startups founder Dave McClure of sexual harassment, I felt like I’d been punched in the stomach. In 2015, I was propositioned and groped by a 500 Startups venture partner named Tristan Pollock during an event here in Taipei while working as a contributor for TechCrunch. After 500 Startups conducted an internal investigation, McClure told TechCrunch’s Editor-in-Chief that disciplinary action would be taken against Pollock. I am devastated that someone I trusted to see the details of my encounter with Pollock and deal with him appropriately had, in fact, made many women feel equally uncomfortable.
sexism  discrimination  harassment  startup  500Startups  review  critique  personalaccount  Techcrunch  2017 
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Disrupt the Citizen | Online Only | n+1
What Plouffe and the ride-sharing companies understand is that, under capitalism, when markets are pitted against the state, the figure of the consumer can be invoked against the figure of the citizen. Consumption has in fact come to replace our original ideas of citizenship. As the sociologist Wolfgang Streeck has argued in his exceptional 2012 essay, “Citizens as Customers,” the government encouragement of consumer choice in the 1960s and ’70s “radiated” into the public sphere, making government seem shabby in comparison with the endlessly attractive world of consumer society. Political goods began to get judged by the same standards as commodities, and were often found wanting.
The result is that, in Streeck’s prediction, the “middle classes, who command enough purchasing power to rely on commercial rather than political means to get what they want, will lose interest in the complexities of collective preference-setting and decision-making, and find the sacrifices of individual utility required by participation in traditional politics no longer worthwhile.” The affluent find themselves bored by goods formerly subject to collective provision, such as public transportation, ceasing to pay for them, while thereby supporting private options. Consumer choice then stands in for political choice. When Ohio governor John Kasich proposed last year that he would “Uber-ize” the state’s government, he was appealing to this sense that politics should more closely resemble the latest trends in consumption.
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Vinod Khosla: Venture capital has less sexual harassment than other industries • Recode
Theodore Schleifer:
<p>To hear Vinod Khosla tell it, sexual harassment isn’t quite as common in venture capital as you might think.

As a spate of allegations rock the business, Khosla said he was “a little surprised” by the revelations, but is still arguing that venture capital is relatively a safer space for women than other fields are today.

“I did not know that there was any discrimination,” Khosla said, adding that it was “rarer than in most other businesses.”

“I’ve never done a statistical survey,” Khosla admitted to an audience at a trade event in Palo Alto Thursday evening. But he said he is quizzing women about their experiences and it was nevertheless his “impression” that the problem was not quite as prevalent as a percentage as it is in other industries, such as autos or finance.

Harassment allegations have already ejected two prominent venture capitalists from rival firms in recent weeks, and firms today describe an industry on edge and waiting for more shoes to drop.</p>

I'm betting that Khosla's wrong.
sexual  harassment  vc 
6 days ago by charlesarthur
#998: “My Very First Dick Pic:” A horrible coming-of-age story | Captain Awkward
The main thing I tackle with them is the idea that a coerced yes is consent. So I pick a thing they would hate (say, singing a song in front of their classmates), and ask them if they would do it. Of course, the answer is no. Then I add some hypothetical pressure (“all your classmates did it last week when you weren’t here, you have to, it’s part of the curriculum, the other teacher thinks you should do it as well, come on, stop making a big deal out of it”), and ask if they at some point would probably begrudgingly do it – to which the answer is usually yes. Then I ask how they would feel in that situation, and I always get a monosyllabic answer like ‘bad’ or ‘shit’. So I help them understand their feelings by giving some descriptors: “You’d feel uncomfortable, and embarrassed, and you might blush, and have this heavy feeling in your stomach and like something is stuck in your throat, and both angry and sad at the same time, and like you wouldn’t want to be there. Is that right?”

And then I ask “would you want someone you’re having sex with to feel like that?”
harassment  kids  consent  toxic 
6 days ago by sky
The Al Capone theory of sexual harassment – Valerie Aurora's blog
what is the Al Capone theory of sexual harassment? It’s simple: people who engage in sexual harassment or assault are also likely to steal, plagiarize, embezzle, engage in overt racism, or otherwise harm their business. (Of course, sexual harassment and assault harms a business – and even entire fields of endeavor – but in ways that are often discounted or ignored.) Ask around about the person who gets handsy with the receptionist, or makes sex jokes when they get drunk, and you’ll often find out that they also violated the company expense policy, or exaggerated on their résumé, or took credit for a colleague’s project.
7 days ago by since1968
Don’t raise your voice here. – Angela Kabari – Medium
On Ushahidi ~>
“Don’t raise your voice here.” by Angela Kabari
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.@DigitalRightsPK Cyber Harassment Helpline's six month report highlights impact of online violence in Pakistan
Dights Rights Foundation Pakistan's latest report assesses their cyber harassment helpline through 6 months of operations. Among the findings: The Helpline received 763 complaints, mostly from women (63%), with an average of 82 calls per month. Read the full report at link above (pdf).
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