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inessential: The Public Square
Twitter is *not* the public square. It just wants you to think it is. The web itself is the public square.
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4 days ago by npdoty
Six Months at Riot Games
A former employee speaks of her experiences with sexual harassment at Riot Dublin
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4 days ago by nelson
#1131: The Aftermath of Harassment Allegations: A Friend’s Responsibility | Captain Awkward
from comments:
I predict you will hear a lot of minimisation from your friend, and an honest belief that his experience of being held accountable is much more severe than anything he subjected his victim to.
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5 days ago by UnchartedWorlds
#1131: The Aftermath of Harassment Allegations: A Friend’s Responsibility | Captain Awkward
I’ve just had to own up to the fact that my emotions around this stuff were programmed by a weird world that doesn’t know what to do with consent, and try to proceed more from principles than reactions.
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5 days ago by UnchartedWorlds
Toward a safe and open Internet in Pakistan – @thenetmonitor
The Berkman Klein Center's Internet Monitor sat down for a conversation with lawyer and human rights activist Nighat Dad, founder of the Pakistan-based Digital Rights Foundation (DRF). Dad, a former OTF Digital Integrity Fellow https://www.opentech.fund/fellowships/difp, talks about DRF's work promoting internet freedom in Pakistan, accomplished through policy advocacy, trainings custom-made for journalists and women in the country, and other efforts aimed at countering online harassment, stalking, and the other forms of violence experienced regularly by women and other at-risk groups.

"'Honestly, I just started looking up international practices, seeing what other countries do. Even developed countries, to my surprise, were not really addressing the issue the way that they should.' Dad found that around the world, states and law enforcement were struggling to address crimes that occur online. 'In some parts of the world, like Pakistan, it wasn’t even an issue people were seriously considering.' Dad found that the challenge for her and her team was convincing people that what happens online can be a human rights violation at all...Pakistan has suffered frequent Internet shutdowns, while Dad and the Digital Rights Foundation have tried to show Pakistani citizens that those events are violations of their rights...'My mission was that the demand for good legislation, or demand for the government to do something about this issue should come from the public or Internet users, not digital rights organizations,' Dad said."
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5 days ago by dmcdev
Sexism at Riot Games
League of Legends' bro culture extends inside the company
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6 days ago by nelson

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