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New 3D display combines visuals, haptic feedback, and sound | Ars Technica
This week, researchers are describing a new take on a recent 3D display development that mixes in a key ingredient: sound. The use of ultrasound allows the researchers to both run the display and provide haptic feedback for interactions with it. As an added bonus, the new display can allow audible sound to originate from objects within the display itself.
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24 days ago by cyberchucktx
Experimental Theater Helps Field Test Haptic Navigation Device | Hackaday
Haptic interfaces can help the sighted and the visually impaired alike, but a smart phone really only has one haptic trick – vibration. But a Yale engineer has developed a 3D printed shape-shifting navigation tool that could be a haptics game changer.

Dubbed the Animotus by inventor [Ad Spiers], the device is a hand-held cube split into two layers. The upper layer can swivel left or right and extend or retract, giving the user both tactile and visual clues as to which direction to walk and how far to the goal.
haptic  hackaday  diiy  3dprinting  accessibility  navigation 
4 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
Playing Custom Haptics on iOS
Vibration and physical feedback has become an important feature of Apple’s operating systems. Starting with the Apple Watch, Apple replaced the traditional vibration feedback with haptic feedback hardware, which allowed them to have more control over how vibrations and physical feedback work.
haptic  ios  swift 
5 weeks ago by vancura
Haptic VR Art Experiences : Touching Masterpieces
Bans on touching usually prevent blind individuals from experiencing sculptures, but the Touching Masterpieces campaign by the National Gallery of Prague changed this through the use of VR. The campaign is a wonderful blend of technology that was created with help from Geometry Prague and NeuroDigital, in collaboration with the Leontinka Foundation for the visually impaired.

Unlike traditional VR means, which involve a headset and visual images, the Touching Masterpieces campaign utilized haptic Avatar VR gloves. The gloves were specially adapted for this campaign, and gave users the sensation of 'touching' iconic works like Michelangelo’s David, Venus de Milo and the bust of Nefertiti. The haptic gloves used in Touching Masterpieces gave the sensations of depth and texture through vibrating feedback in an experience that was previously impossible for the visually impaired. Julia Dovlatova, Geometry Prague creative director, expressed her accolade for the expereience and hopes that it can further "open doors to a unique art experience for the blind.”
accessibility  vr  haptic 
10 weeks ago by stacker
NeoSensory | Expanding Perception
bracelet to provide haptic feedback for detected sounds, for people with reduced hearing
haptic  feedback  bracelet  audio  sensor  microphone  medicine  health  hearing 
10 weeks ago by asteroza
"Get" Smart Bracelet: Haptics, Bone Conduction
Via VRM email list, a Kickstarter for a bracelet that does haptics, gesture recognition, bone conduction audio (and mic, presumably), voice commands, with no display. A form factor that makes so much sense to me, I wonder whether this will be the preferred form factor in the future.
get  bracelet  boneconduction  haptic  kickstarter  vrm 
july 2019 by sbw
RT : Just recently the idea of tails as body came up in another one of our workshop…
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june 2019 by qdot

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