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What happens when AI does the homework? The ethics of cheating apps | Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow}
As marketers, we should regularly ask ourselves if the work that we do is actually benefiting society. Good marketing creates growth and brings attention to quality products. At its worst, marketing can be manipulative and annoying.
what  happens  when  ai  does 
8 weeks ago by marshallk
The Atlantic : What happens when you don’t pay a hospital bill needsEditing collection debt credit history
As Americans sink under medical expenses, debt collectors go to great—and sometimes strange—lengths to collect.
Read in The Atlantic: https://apple.news/Ay1UfjnD_SNSWKZI7u9V9DA
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The  Atlantic  :  What  happens  when  you  don’t  pay  a  hospital  bill  needsEditing  collection  debt  credit  history  from iphone
10 weeks ago by neerajsinghvns
What happens when we can't depend on marketing research any more? | Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow}
Our new Marketing Companion episode is about marketing research and so much more, but first I have to ask you: When was the last time you heard me sing on a podcast? The answer to that would be never … until now, that is.
what  happens  when  we  can’ 
may 2019 by marshallk
What happens when content becomes a commodity? | Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow}
Fiverr is acquiring ClearVoice, a company that helps customers like Intuit and Carfax find professionals to write promotional content. The two companies seem like a natural fit, as they both operate marketplaces for freelancers.
what  happens  when  content 
february 2019 by marshallk
What happens when you quit Facebook? More time with friends and family. Less political knowledge — and less partisanship. A small boost in mood and life satisfaction. And, on average, an extra hour a day of downtime. That’s according to a new study, the most comprehensive to date, by Matthew Gentzkow, senior fellow at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research.
your  brain  on  facebook  what  happens  effect  effects  when  you  quit  quitting  research  nytimes  linkedin  study  ny  times  new  york 
january 2019 by yencarnacion

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