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2nd night. You can spin a dreidel with Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock!🖖
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december 2018 by miaeaton
Happy first night of ! You still have time to put a card in the mail and have it arrive by the eighth nigh…
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december 2018 by andriak
The New York Blueprint | The Urban Jewish Event Guide of New York. If it isn't here, it isn't happening.
Skip to main content BLUESCOOP FEATURES HOT PICKS TODAY'S FEATURED EVENTS Wednesday, June 18, 2014 - 7:00pm to 9:30pm Make these gourmet summer-inspired "fast foods" using delicious recipes, easy shortcuts, and awesome tips for eating healthy. Create honeydew basil margarita, edamame wasabi... via Pocket
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december 2018 by basecamp
Only gift that I need - Signe_chan - 2.7k
"Ransom had kind of been expecting something in the mail, but when he got home, his post box was empty. It was weird. It was the first night of Hanukkah and Holster normally loved Hanukkah. Ransom didn’t exactly celebrate, wasn’t his religion, but he enjoyed Holster sharing shit with him and he’d been sure to get his box of gifts and shit in the post nice and early so Holster would have them."
Fandom:Check_Please!  Pairing:Ransom/Holster  Hanukkah  Character:Justin_Oluransi  Character:Adam_Birkholtz  Rating:Teen  fluff  established_relationship  proposal  holiday_fic_countdown 
october 2018 by juniper-and-lamplight
Driving Home For Christmas - surprisinglyOK - 6.4k
"This is just super fluffy romantic/family Christmas fun, in which David spends Christmas with the Scripps', and Don finally comes out to his parents."
christmas  Hanukkah  coming_out  meet_the_family  Pairing:Scripps/Posner  Character:Donald_Scripps  Character:David_Posner  Fandom:History_Boys  Rating:Teen  established_relationship  holiday_fic_countdown 
august 2018 by juniper-and-lamplight
The Story of Chocolate Gelt: A Hanukkah Tradition
One thing that every Hanukkah celebration has in common is the gelt.
Hanukkah  Candy  Gelt  Wockenfuss  chocolate 
december 2017 by Adventure_Web
4th light of 🕎 Shabbat shalom! ✡️
Hanukkah  from twitter_favs
december 2017 by jamuraa

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