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Made to Measure
Summary: Newt's never been very good at self-control or self-preservation. This time, though, it works out in his favor.
!fanfic  !a  slash  pacific_rim  newt  hannibal_chau  newt/hannibal_chau  daddy_kink  rated:E  trans 
march 2018 by indramiel
Summary: Sure, he’ll play Wizard of Oz and give the kid a brain. (Clearly he’s short at least two.) But after that he’s gonna take him by that ratty little shoestring he probably thinks is a tie, hang him from the headboard, and fuck him inside-out, cross-eyed, and blue.
!fanfic  !a  slash  pacific_rim  newt  hannibal_chau  newt/hannibal_chau  rated:E  dub-con  rentboy 
march 2018 by indramiel
Wholesale Kaiju juice
Summary: Newly turned Kaiju Newt works under Hannibal chau while trying to find a cure for his transformation. In return for keeping him safe and giving him access to his samples, Hannibal requires his own unique form of payment from the scientist. Fair is fair, right?
!fanfic  slash  bestiality  hannibal_chau  newt  newt/hannibal_chau  non-con+rape  pacific_rim  rated:E  !a 
march 2018 by indramiel

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!a  !fanfic  bestiality  daddy_kink  dub-con  newt/hannibal_chau  newt  non-con+rape  pacific_rim  rated:e  rentboy  slash  trans 

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