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Sharp Type on Twitter: "Anybody able to recommend a good calligrapher working in Spain or EU who does a wicked Spencerian and is taking commissions?"
(There’re some good leads in the replies to this if you should need such a thing.)
“Anybody able to recommend a good calligrapher working in Spain or EU who does a wicked Spencerian and is taking commissions?”
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21 days ago by handcoding
Machine learning of an 18th century hand: transcribing the essays of George III - Georgian Papers Programme
The experience showed that in order to build a robust model it is necessary to provide better transcription and more examples to improve the model’s performance. In a recent paper by Melinda Jander on using Transkribus to create an HTR engine for the correspondence of the Brothers Grimm, she noted the need to capture all interline additions and to include all text features in tagging, notably expanded abbreviations, to help improve the model[1]. The George III model therefore will require further revision of its core transcription (or what is referred to as ‘ground truth’) as well as ingesting more material to improve the number of recognisable words (or tokens).
transcription  text  Tools  GLAM  archives  manuscripts  handwriting 
27 days ago by miaridge
Detailed Review for Note Taking Apps with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil
Note taking apps for iPad for handwriting

Using notability probably
handwriting  apple-pencil  ipad  notes 
5 weeks ago by cd
Sharp electronic notebooks
This page gives a comparative overview of Sharp's WG-series electronic notebooks for freeform handwritten memos. These unique devices with a Japanese-only user interface have become popular in and outside of Japan. They do not compete with tablet computers, their displays are monochrome and low contrast. There are no apps, timers or reminders. There is no calculator, no handwriting recognition and no network connectivity at all. Instead, the sole purpose of Sharp's WG-series is to replace paper notes and agendas with a digital handwriting solution.
notebook  comparison  sharp  handwriting  e-paper  lcd 
5 weeks ago by raphman

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